Why I Quit Freelance Writing For Good

Why I Quit Freelance Writing For Good

Quitting freelance writing was the best thing I did for myself in 2014. I quit being a freelance writer and I have no plans of going back. Why did I stop?  Freelance writing was just not for me. I tried it out and it was not my cup of tea.

Let me explain.

Freelance writing is something I started doing to supplement my income from my regular job. I used to freelance before I started my eCommerce store. I remember reading about all these successful online freelance writers making $5000+ each month and thinking to myself: I they can do it, so can I! Most of the work I got was from online forums. I specifically remember this one forum called Digital Point (now defunct). After a while I moved on from forums to job boards and kept writing for around eight months.


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Writing was something I did part time after my 9-5. job. Do not get me wrong, freelance writing helped me to pay some bills. However as a freelance writer I always felt like a hamster on a wheel who’s job it was to churn out one article after another for my clients.  After about eight months I decided enough was enough and i just quit. I couldn’t keep up with it in the long run. If I had to write one more article on the wonders of rock climbing or the health benefits of reiki and paprika, I was going to scream!

My point is, I did not have any passion (or care) about the articles I was churning out for my clients. My heart wasn’t in the work I was doing. I did a good job and never had any complaints but the truth is I was burnt out and operating on auto pilot.

I want to build a brand as well as be happy and satisfied with any of the work that I do. Creating content and building my business is where I am able to give the most value and this is what I am most happy doing.


It’s nice to have money and it make most things in life a heck of a lot easier. That being said, do not do chase the cash. Chasing money is one way to burn out and end up hating whatever business or career that you do. Whether you are starting an online business, creating a YouTube channel, a blog etc. Do it because you genuinely like what you do and you know that you will give people valuable products or content. I was driven by money when I was freelance writing as a result I ended up doing work that I did not enjoy.

My earnings were nowhere near the monthly income goals I had set for myself. I was still exchanging my time for a dollar. It was then that I vowed to myself that there had to be another way to make money apart from freelancing.


Starting my eCommerce store was something that happened by chance. I am so glad I started. eCommerce gave me another way to make money that did not require me to trade lots of my time in order to make money. I started an online t shirt print by demand business on Shopify. If you want to learn how you can create your own online t shirt store you can check out the guide I wrote here. I also decided to start a blog so that I could write about the things I care most about on my own terms. My current goal is to have multiple streams of income while also helping others to do the same.

Will I ever go back to freelance writing? Hmmm…Being a freelance writer is just not for me. At this time in my life I can see myself producing content for brands that I use. I can also see creating content for products that I like. When it comes to just churning out articles for the sake of a dollar bill? – You can count me out.


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