14 Weight Loss Hacks That You Can Use Right Now

14 Weight Loss Hacks That You Can Use Right Now

Ahhhhh talking about weight can be such a touchy and controversial conversation. Weight loss products and programs can be so gimmicky and sometimes downright unhealthy. Today I am going to share a few weight loss hacks that you can use to lose weight quickly. These tips are healthy and effective. They don’t involve any cayenne pepper, harmful diet supplements and other BS.

Using these tips, you can also maintain your weight loss in the long term.



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Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic


It’s good to have an apple cider vinegar tonic before breakfast. Boil some hot water on a stove. Add 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to 3 tablespoons of fresh squeezed lemon juice and add some raw honey.

This concoction helps to curb your appetite and helps to keep you feeling full for a longer amount of time. I have been doing this for around three years now. In my opinion, it helps to maintain weight loss and it works so try it!


Wear Jeans



Wearing jeans is a good way to gauge if your weight has changed/not. If you wear leggings or loose fitting clothing most of the time you will never really know if you have gained weight or not. Keep a few pairs of jeans around to wear at least once a week (make sure the jeans are true to size and not loose fitting). Nowadays jeans have stretch and are not as uncomfortable to wear like they used to be back in the day.

Jeans will never lie to you. If you gain or lose weight you will notice (without a doubt).



Sip Some Green Tea



Green tea helps to burn fat and at the most it gives you a burst of energy that’s preferable to coffee. Do not drink green tea on an empty stomach! I did this once and ended up getting dry heaves and feeling like I wanted to throw up. Do not make this mistake like I did. It’s best to drink green tea after a meal. Never on an empty ‘just-woken-up’ stomach!



Eat Watermelon



Ah, watermelon the forever refreshing snack! Watermelon is really good for weight loss because it contains high levels of water. Eating watermelon at least 30 minutes before you eat and 30 minutes after your meal will help you to lose weight. Why? Because you are more likely to feel full. Try it!



Drink Water



Drinking water is a good thing to do before and after you eat. Water will take up room in your stomach and you will get fuller faster (um…I make up words as I go don’t judge).



Limit Your Dairy Intake



Ever since I quit drinking cow’s milk about 6 years ago, I noticed that I lost weight. I also noticed that my weight has maintained very nicely and I am not constantly bloated !! If you want, give this a try for a week or a month and let me know how it goes.

Nowadays I drink almond milk and non GMO soy milk from time to time. I will never drink cow’s milk ever again! NEVER.



HIT Exercises



Get moving if you want to lose weight fast and keep it off in the long run. High Intensity workouts are amazing for weight loss. You will lose weight and body fat without losing your muscle when you do HIT workouts.

I do HIT workouts at least two times a week in addition to weight training. If you want to lose weight and keep it off doing HIT workouts is an absolute MUST.



2 Cups of Veggies Before Lunch/Supper



Eating vegetables before you eat your lunch or supper is a great way to lose extra pounds. Vegetables like broccoli, celery, kale etc. have a lot of fiber and will help you to get satiated fast.  You are more likely to eat less if you eat more fiber. Fiber is a healthy appetite suppressant and beats taking any types of harmful pills or supplements.



Eat Before 7:30 PM



Eating early will help you to maintain your weight. Having your meals after 8:00 is not something I would recommend if you want to lose weight. I usually eat my meals at the latest 7:00 pm. When you eat your meals late into the night you will gain weight eventually.

It’s best to have your last meal of the day at least 2 hours before you sleep.



No Grocery Shopping on Empty



Grocery shopping while hungry is a very bad idea. You are more likely to choose unhealthy foods when shopping on an empty stomach. Your hunger will decide your food choices. I remember one time when I was hungry and decided to go grocery shopping. I ended up with a large chocolate cake !



Put Treats In a Small Bag



Putting your potato chips, chocolate covered almonds and other treats in a small brown bag will help you to eat less while not completely denying you your favorite snacks. The key is not to completely avoid snacks and treats. If you want to lose those pounds you have to eat everything in moderation.



Stop Dieting



In my opinion, dieting is for people who want short term results. If you really want to lose weight and maintain your weight loss you need to think long term. Thinking long-term means that you change your lifestyle and your diet. Limiting fried foods, processed foods and making meals at home is a start.

There are no shortcuts for this. Exercise and healthy meals need to become a part of your everyday life.



Weight Training Is a Must



In addition to HIT workouts, lifting weights is a must for a lean body. Muscle will burn fat even while your body is at rest. Your metabolism will improve overtime when you lift weights.



Pack a Lunch



The worst mistake you can make is eating out while at work. Usually healthy options are limited whenever you eat out. You might be able to find healthy food while dining out, however it can get pricey to eat out everyday! To save money and also keep your weight at a good number, remember to pack a lunch.

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