7 Mistakes Bloggers Make When Creating Blog Posts

7 Mistakes Bloggers Make When Creating Blog Posts

Today I am going to talk about publishing bad blog posts. Ok well…not bad posts, but how you can avoid doing these so called ‘bad posts’. Keep in mind there is no such thing as failure and only lessons when it comes to life and blogging. That aside, there are a few mistakes you might be making that could be affecting the way your blog posts perform.

I have made ALL of the mistakes that I am going to be talking about in this post. As a matter of fact I have a list of 11 reasons I failed with three of my blogs. So my hope is that you can learn from my mishaps. Learning from other people’s mistakes is one of the shortcuts to success in my humble opinion.


The thing about these blogging mistakes is that they are easy to make even if you are an experienced blogger.


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Okay so without further delay, let’s just get on with it shall we?


7 Mistakes You Are Making With Your Blog Posts

Below are some of the errors that you might be making when creating your blog posts. Doing the following things can affect your SEO and the way your blog post is received by readers:


1. No alt tags on images

This is one of the most common mistakes I see with many bloggers. Forgetting to add alt tags to your images is not a good idea. It can affect your SEO and also cost you traffic to your website. Some of the people who come to my blog do so via the images on my blog that also show up on search engines (after they type in their chosen keyword). Help people who are looking for your content to find you by adding alt tags.

Here’s how you can add your alt tags (it’s super easy!):


2. Forgetting to compress your images

People do not like slow websites (myself included)! Attention spans are so short these days and the way many people are setup they will click away so fast if your blog is loading super slow. There’s always another blog they can go to.

Your website speed matters! Compressing your images before you upload them is very important. I learned this the hard way with a failed blog. Do not be like me for goodness sake compress your images!

Nowadays I use Optimizilla to compress my images (I have also installed WP Smush plugin). Both of these tools are free and will help you to reduce the image size so that your images do not slow down your blog. The good thing about Optimizilla you do not lose your image quality. I normally just compress at maximum 21-23%.


3. Poor quality images

Bad image quality will sink your blog faster than an iceberg (ok, so I am a bit dramatic to emphasize my point). But seriously, high quality images are really important for a successful blog.

You can take your own pictures and edit them with your chosen photo editing tool. Use your own pictures and stock photos for maximum effect. There are websites out there where you can get really amazing quality images. Having no images on your blog is just as bad as having bad quality images so make sure to add an image or two!

My top two websites where I get my graphics is Pexels.com (free site) and GetStencil.com (paid site). I find that Get Stencil has alot of really nice images and you can also do a whole lot such as add quotes to images and browse through thousands of really high quality attractive images that you can use on your blog.


4. No spacing in between posts

Have you ever tried to read a blog post that doesn’t have any white space? It’s enough to stir up anxiety on another level. A blog post that has very little white space is very hard to read through. Most people will not stand for it and will more than likely click that back button real fast.

Be mindful of your spacing in between your posts. It just makes it easier for others to read through your content. After all, you want people to read your content right!


5. Ping Your Blog

Pinging your blog is a good way to get traffic back to your site. Plus it’s free! Pinging your blog posts lets websites know that there is something new to see on your blog.

I prefer to use the Google Chrome extension for Pingler (having too many plugins installed can really slow down your blog). Pinging one article every other day is usually good enough. I use the paid version of Pingler because its 100% SEO safe 9 (I don’t want Google to hate my blog).


6. Images Of All Sizes

Having images that are different sizes on a blog does not look good at all. People like symmetry and looking at things that are pleasing to the eye. It’s good to have images of the same size just to keep that symmetry going.

For example, you can set your image size as follows: 1300 x 900 for horizontal  and 900 x 1300 for vertical images. Keep this image size constant throughout your blog anytime you upload either horizontal or vertical photos. The dimensions given here are just for demo purposes (feel free to set your own image dimensions).

I design and resize my images through Picmonkey (it’s no longer free but is still my top choice) and I use the Design feature to create the image size. I then add my image of size as an overlay.


7. Not Interlinking Blog Posts

Interlinking your blog posts is very important. The reason being is you want people who land on your blog to read through as much of your content as possible. -After all,  you also want people to stay on your site and find all those blog posts you have worked so hard writing!

For example, if I write a post about 10 Must Have Plugins for Your WordPress Blog, I am also going to link it somewhere to another post I would have written about The Best Way to Prevent Spam Comments. I hope this explanation was clear.

Avoiding the mistakes mentioned above is one way to make sure that you create a better blog. I am no blogging expert by any means but I believe in sharing what works if it can help others to avoid making the same mistakes that I did.

As a blogger I am still learning to this day. I don’t think that there will ever be a point where I can just sit back and think that I know everything there is to know.


In your opinion, what are the top blogging mistakes that blogger make when creating blog posts? Feel free to leave a comment below.


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