The Top 5 Plant Based Protein Powders for Women

The Top 5 Plant Based Protein Powders for Women

Animal based protein powders just do not do it for me! -My stomach can not tolerate whey protein and it makes me super bloated and GASSY (I know TMI)!

I decided to try out vegan protein powder 3 years ago and I am NEVER going back.

If you care about what you eat and where your nutrients come from, -then using a plant based protein protein powder is a must.

I have tried pure hemp and pea protein powders and I find them to be really gross tasting (so I didn’t include those types of protein powders on here).


How I make my protein powders:

For a healthy, high protein drink I usually use the following simple ingredients: 

– 1 scoop of vegan protein powder

– 1 cup of almond milk

– A few ice cubes into a blender

I usually drink this after the gym for recovery and lean muscle!


The Top 5 Vegan Plant Based Protein Powders for Women

Here are a few of the best tasting plant based vegan protein powder you need to try out!


1. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Organic Plant Based Vegan Protein Powder

The Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard is a gluten-free plant based protein powder helps with muscle recovery.

Protein source:  24 grams of protein per serving and is made from a blend of organic rice, organic pea and organic Sacha Inchi proteins.

If you are looking for a protein powder with Non-Gmo, vegan ingredients, – this one’s worth considering. -Best of all, it mixes really easily and it doesn’t have any artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners!


2. Pure Food: Plant Based Protein Powder with Probiotics



The Pure Food Plant-Based Protein Powder is formulated with clean ingredients without any preservatives, chemicals and fillers.

If you want a protein powder that has no added sugar, is gluten free, dairy free, has no soy, is non-GMO and contains real food ingredients. Then you should try this one!

When it comes to protein powders, some of them can cause gas and bloating. -The Pure Food protein powder has probiotics and fiber to help boost your gut health and immune system (this helps to prevent gas and bloating).

Protein source: 20 grams of organic, vegan protein (from brown rice, pea, and hemp) and 4 grams of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) it helps to stimulate weight loss and lean muscle gain.

If you have GI sensitivities then give it a go!


3. Vegansmart Plant Based Vegan Protein Powder by Naturade, All-In-One Nutritional Shake

The Vegan Smart Protein Powder is gluten free, non-GMO and plant based! This powder tastes good, is fairly priced and as close to natural as can be.

It has no soy and you can use it as a meal replacement by adding it to your favorite smoothies. The vanilla flavor tastes better than the other flavors.

You can also use it for building muscle and as a recovery drink after your workouts!

Protein source: 20 grams of non-GMO plant based protein along with dietary fiber, vitamins & minerals, Omega 3, prebiotics and digestive enzymes.


4. Garden Of Life Sport Organic Plant-Based Protein – BCAA Amino Acid Protein Powder

The Garden of Life Sport Organic Plant-Based Protein powder is formulated to help you build lean muscle and recover faster.

If you go hard at the gym and you struggle with recovering afterward, the Garden of Life Organic protein is a pretty good recovery drink!

Protein source:  31 grams of protein per serving and 5g of Glutamine.

This is a fast absorbing protein powder that mixes better, tastes better, digests better and works better!

You can use it in your protein shakes, smoothies and baking. It has a few more calories per serving but the higher protein per serving makes up for it.


5. Vega Essentials Shake Chocolate

Are you looking for a low carb keto friendly protein powder? If the answer is yes, then the  Vega Sport Plant Based Protein Powder is Non-GMO, certified vegan and definitely worth looking into!

Protein source: Gluten-free with 20 grams protein per serving with premium ingredients such as glutamic acid, BCAAs, organic sunflower seeds, pumpkin seed protein etc.

There are no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. It’s a top selling plant based protein powder for a reason!


6.  Orgain Organic Plant Based Protein Powder


The  Orgain Organic Plant Based Protein Powder. is soy free and is formulated to help you build lean muscle.

Protein source: 21 grams of organic plant based protein from organic pea protein, organic chia seed, organic brown rice protein and organic pea protein.

If you are going to use it in your shakes or smoothies you will find that this particular protein powder is somewhat chalky tasting and gritty.

It’s better to use the Orgain protein powder for baking than drinking in my opinion. Protein pancakes anyone?…

Add a Smoothie Blender

I really like adding my protein powder to my smoothies. Adding fruits to my protein smoothies helps to mask the taste (plus I love tasting strawberries, blueberries and pineapples over any protein powder flavor).

A blender comes in handy and I like the Ninja Personal Blender for Shakes.

It’s small enough not to take too much counter space or cabinet space. -But powerful enough to break down fresh or frozen fruits, veggies, and ice into smooth, nutrient-rich smoothies.

Protein powder can be a great way to supplement your meals.

Adding plant based protein powder to your regular diet can help you to lose weight, build muscle and also recover faster after your workouts.

It’s so important to get the right kind of protein powder since most powders out there contain so many harmful chemicals, preservatives and fillers.

You should consider looking into plant based protein powders if you have digestive issues or you don’t like using whey protein.

That’s all I have to say for now…

I hope that this list encourages you to try out different kinds of plant based protein of powders!


Have you tried the vegan plant based protein powders above? What is your favorite brand and flavor?