Taking Stock – Two

Taking Stock – Two

It’s about time I did another taking stock post. It is not even funny how late this one is. My goal is to do these types of posts on the first week of each new month. Sometimes life has other plans. This is me finally getting with the program. June is still here (as I write this post), so there is still some time for a quick recap of the previous month.

This is me taking stock of May. Okay, let’s just get this thing going.


I need to stay focused consistently so I can get to where I want to be in life. My eyes are on the target. Now I just have to keep on with this journey.


Tuning out what other people are doing/saying is very important. Putting the noise on mute feels so good.


Drinking more water wouldn’t hurt. Anytime my H2O intake goes up, I notice that I have more energy also my skin looks and feels much better. Hmmm…Coincidence? I think not.


Project overload is something I have been really struggling with this past month. I sometimes feel as if I do not have enough time to do all the things I would like to do in a day.


Korean skincare has literally been a skin saver for me. Words cannot describe how impressed I am with this line of skincare products. I will NEVER EVER use drugstore cleansers and toners again! The Etude House Baking soda Cleanser is my favorite. It prevents and gets rid of breakouts. My acne-prone skin has never looked better.


Look into the future, not the past. My moto for 2017 and beyond is to stop thinking about what should and could have been. Sometimes I wish I could turn back time and be bold in going after my dreams. Going back to the past is a waste of time. I can only make the most of the time I have now.


Lifting heavier at the gym is really coming along nicely for me. I am seeing results and I am so happy. The best part is that my body feels and looks stronger (yessssss).


The Walking Dead is such an amazing show. I am in season 4 and ADDICTED. The show is the complete opposite of what I thought it would be. I have laughed, cried and stayed on the edge of my seat ( literally). If you get queasy easily, the show is most definitely on the gory side.

The Walking Dead has a very touching humanity side to it. You will get very attached to the characters inside the show. It is such a heartbreaking show and very interesting to watch.


Waking up early is going to have to be a thing for me. I have so000 much to get done. Getting up at the crack of dawn is a MUST. Waking up at 5:30 a.m (6:00 a.m at the latest) is my goal. Yep, even on weekends! There are no excuses. If I expect to get my goals this year, time is a-ticking.


Honking motorists drive me nuts. Drivers who blare their horns really get on my last nerve. I gave my first finger salute this past month. The other driver was driving behind me really close (tailgating duh). I stopped for a pedestrian at a pedestrian crosswalk. The man behind me decided to lean in on his horn. My hand sprung up with that one finger salute. Now this is not something I am very proud of. My emotions got the best of me. *Kanye Shrug*


Admitting that I am a Firefox tabaholic is very freeing. I sincerely need professional help to get rid of this distracting habit!


Travel is something I really want to do in the fall.  My passport just expired. I need to hurry up and renew it ASAP.


Time is such a fleeting and important thing in life. It must never ever be wasted by you or anyone else in your life.


White tea and honey are good for the soul. Nothing like starting the weekend with some hot tea, honey, and a good book.


Crazy is everywhere. Do not engage with crazy. I learned this at the gas station recently. A woman in line could not get the coffee machine to work. The machine was at the front right at the cashier’s station.

Naturally people are going to look on as they wait their turn to pay. She started cussing us all out (calling the people in line all types of B**s and A#*#* for simply being there). Some people in line jumped in and added fuel to the fire. It’s just best to ignore these types of negative beings and go on about your day. I did just that.


Getting organized has been on my mind lately. I need to come up with a system of getting the clutter out before it just gets to be too much. Donating things such as old clothes, magazines, books is part of my plan this summer.


Working on manifesting a new car.  The car I want is nothing fancy like an Audi, BMW, Mercedez, G-Wagon etc. It’s highly rated in the Kelley Blue Book. It’s sporty, well made and it’s something that I am working hard to save for in the near future (fingers crossed). Stay tuned.


Home decor has always been something I have really enjoyed. Sprucing up my place this summer is on my list. I am finding myself looking at blogs and Pinterest alot for ideas.


Laughing to myself anytime I remember something funny that happened in the past. Life is meant to be enjoyed and it’s good to have little funny memories that bring on a smile or a giggle.









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