Taking Stock – Three

Taking Stock – Three

I have been a little bit frazzled this past week (blame it on the heat). My apartment was so hot I could barely concentrate! It seriously felt as if I was living inside a sauna for an entire week. Life has been good so far but I feel as if I need to really ramp things up to get to where I want to be.

Summer is such an amazing time. It gets a little too hot sometimes but who am I to complain (I live in a city that can get up to -33 degrees Celsius in the wintertime). I hope you are having a good month wherever you are. June has come and gone and time as usual is going by quickly.


It’s now time to take stock of June.


Managing my time is proving to be a real challenge. I am still doing the Elite Blogging Academy and definitely getting my money’s worth. I highly recommend this course if you are interested in turning your blog into an actual business.

My schedule is so full and paying attention to where my time goes is more important than ever.


Becoming a better photographer is proving to be a work in progress. I would like to take more pictures for my blog in the days and months to come. Having pictures in a blog makes things more interesting. Stay tuned…


Wanting to read all of Anne Rule’s crime novels this summer. She is one of my all time favorite true crime writer. Ever since I read The Stranger Beside Me, I’ve been hooked! So little time, so many Anne Rule books!


Spending time alone is so amazing. Don’t get me wrong, I love being around my friends. However, there is something so calming about having some time to yourself. The older I get the more comfortable I am at being my own best company. As a matter of fact, I NEED my alone time.

I am hardly ever lonely or bored. -Best of all, even if my friends cancel or we don’t plan anything to do together,-I am perfectly okay and can find things to do with or without them!


Learning that saying no is perfectly okay.  The most important word I put in my vocabulary in 2017 is the word NO. I have realized that there is no need to explain why I can’t do this or that for someone or be somewhere. If someone needs something and I happen to be busy, saying no is ok!


Finding a quiet park, some shade and a good book is heavenly. This is easily one of my favorite things to do in the summer when I want some time to myself.


Taking a break from social media has been such a treat. I have been able to do many things and my focus and discipline has improved. Breaking away from social media once in a while is something I would highly recommend for sanity’s sake.


Being really aware of the things I tell myself everyday is at the top of my life for 2017 and beyond. Our minds are such a powerful life force. We eventually become and attract the kinds of things that we subconsciously tell ourselves on the regular.


Summer skin is so much better. I think it’s the humidity that just opens up the pores and lets out the toxins. My skin definitely looks better in the summer. I tend to have less breakouts and blackheads. I want to start steaming my face in the fall and winter. For now, humidity is doing me so very good.



Travel has been on my mind. Planning a solo trip at the moment and looking for places to go explore. Europe or South East Asia?…Hmmm stay tuned.



Podcasts are my thing nowadays. There’s alot of great content out there. I really like Chalean, Gary Vaynerchuck and Patt Flynn. Since I am going through a blogging course, I usually only have time to listen and not much time to read. Listening to podcasts is ahhhhmazing and I highly recommend it.


Popsicles on a hot and humid summer day is just perfection. Reading a good book in the shade with a cool refreshing. This is a simple part of life that I really enjoy.


Still loving The Walking Dead. It’s just sooooo good! I have to pace myself, I want to always be one season behind. I don’t think I can manage having to wait for one new episode after another. It’s so awesome that I found this show.


Wishing summer would last forever and everrrr. Going out in light clothing and not having to put on layers and step into brutal bone chilling windchill is a big bonus.


Staying in my lane, minding my own business and staying hydrated is working really well for me. There is so much noise nowadays and keeping up with everything can be so mentally taxing. No ma’am, my peace of mind is more important than mindless personal or celebrity gossip. Finding out who did what, where and when is of no interest to me.

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