Taking Stock – Four

Taking Stock – Four

Ahhhhh July, the halfway mark between the year being almost over. What can I say other than July was a good month and summer flowed by nicely. This was a month of planning, decision making and learning. The most exciting part was seeing my travel plans fall into place.

Seeing something I had written come to life makes me aware of the power of not just saying things but actually writing them down.


So thankful for the progress I’ve made this year towards doing the things I said I would do at the start of the year. I have learned to just do the best I can and put in the effort. And the rest? Not beating myself down when things don’t go my way is just a waste of time.


Alright, time to take stock of July.


Finally getting a new phone! I just ordered my phone online through my wireless carrier. All I can say is: It’s about time that I replaced my relic of an iPhone.


Traveling solo very very soon and making good on my promise to myself to try new things. I am super excited to go somewhere new. My goal for the future is to travel more. It looks like I’ll be taking that step very soon this year.


Realizing that sometimes people from my past are meant to be in my life for just a season. Sometimes we try to maintain friendships that we have outgrown and this is why it’s can be so hard to keep these types of friendships going.


Investing more in myself is very important now more that ever. The older I get the more I realize that how I spend my time really matters. The way my life turns out from here on out is because of the decisions I make. I accept that.


Taking full advantage of this whole back to school fiasco. If you want a new phone, stationery, etc. this is the time to get it at a good price. I get so excited whenever I buy new stationery it’s kind of embarrassing to be honest.


Having a vision for my life is very important to me. I am always asking myself questions and writing down what I want. Never underestimate the power of writing things down. Whenever I write something down I am more purposeful and will actually follow through with doing whatever it is that i wrote down.


Taking a minimalist approach when packing for an overseas trip is something I will be doing. I am so done with over-packing and taking things that I do not even need (or end up using). All I am taking is a carry on and a tote. I will not be checking in any other luggage. Challenge accepted!


Finding the time to read all the books I wanted to read at the beginning of this year has been a real challenge. I have a big list of books I want to desperately get through. Finding the time has definitely been a challenge.


Accepting that delayed gratification and discipline is the way to get ahead in life. I am soooooo glad that I learned this when I was around 19 years old and had maxed out my first credit card. What a hot mess I was!


Being happy with the simple things in life such as going to the Farmer’s Market on a Saturday is something I really enjoy. The sun is shining, good food and vendors, the people are happy and life is good.


Living for myself nowadays and not really caring what others think is so freeing. It took me such a long time to really appreciate myself and get the confidence I have now. Not feeling like I need anyone’s approval to live my life the way I see fit is such an amazing thing for real.


Feeling nostalgic as I listened (ok, eavesdropped) to a couple of college kids at my local coffee shop. They were talking about going back to school in September. I never thought I would say this out loud but, I kind of miss the whole ‘back to school’ debacle, being in college, the start of a semester, meeting new people etc.

It feels like yesterday that me and my sister were moving into our campus residence as new college freshmen. Oh how time flies.


Appreciating the simple things in life and especially the summers (albeit short). I walk by a beautiful little park everyday during the week. Instead of just walking past it, I have taken it to myself these days to pause, sit down and take it all in. Fall is coming then shortly after that winter. So why not make the most of this gorgeous weather.


Organizing my at home work space is something that needs to happen. There are no more excuses. My desk seriously looks like an office supplies store threw up all over it. It is not a good look. Clutter is something that just throws me off balance.


Starting to see sweaters and jackets at the stores and online is driving the point home for me that fall is almost here! Then the looooooong winter brrrrr. For the time being I will just live in the moment (in denial) and enjoy summer.