Taking Stock of 2017

Taking Stock of 2017

Eeeeek! Only 2 more days to 2018! It’s madness how fast the year has gone by. 2017 was a year of growth for me. I felt that I really put down some strong roots in terms of what I really want to do in the future.

This is the year that I stopped chasing shiny objects and narrowed down my focus. It’s safe to say that I found my way (so to speak) once I stopped trying to do everything all by myself. 2017 is the year I finally decided that I needed to get myself a map if I wanted to get to where I want to be in 2018 and beyond.

With all that said, let’s take stock of 2017!


Accepting that I needed help allowed me to finally start a blog the right way. I also enrolled in Elite Blog Academy (best decision ever!). I am still going through the course and would highly recommend it for anyone who wants to master blogging as a business.


Loving YSL’s Black Optimum. It’s easily one of my favorite scents for 2017 and smells ahhhhmazingly luxurious, sophisticated not too overpowering. Once the Sephora lady sprayed it on me, I was hooked.


Traveling alone was a major confidence booster. My solo travel to London in the fall is something that further reinforced my beliefs that I can do anything I put my mind to! I am planning to travel some more. I just don’t know where yet.


Listening to Jhené Aiko РNew Balance. Ahhhh to love and be loved as described in this song. She is such a beautiful soul. As an artist she is really on another level.


Wasting no time these days. Time is one of the worst things that you can waste because once it’s gone you can not get it back! I am focused on being more productive and I have seen a great difference this year in how much I’ve been able to do.


Making big plans for 2018 that will change the way I work and live. I have always wanted to be on my own time and able to create the things I want. So stay tuned.


Taking my blog seriously and treating it like a business has allowed me to lay down some solid ground work that will help me to reach my future goals. If you are a blogger I urge you to invest in your blog and take the right courses. Learn from the best, learn from people who have already succeeded. I can not say this enough!


Wishing that I had an Instagram husband to take most of my outfit photos for me. But I guess I just have to learn how to take my own pictures with a tripod (I didn’t know you could do this until now!). I am so excited to start doing this very soon.


Thankful for hot and humid summers because my skin looks and feels amazing in the summertime! Not a pimple or dry patch in sight.


Jamming to my favorite music at the top of my lungs while driving will never get old. Not stopping if other drivers notice is even better.


Learning that the one thing I will never regret is investing in myself and this means taking time to pamper myself, self improvement, reading, and taking the right courses in order to build & grow my business.


Sipping on a hot cup of tea while watching my favorite TV series on a chilly winter night is such a perfect way to spend a weekend.


Enjoying the fact that it’s perfectly okay to cancel plans so that I can stay home in my pajamas because I want to.


Planning to buy and read Robin Sharma’s The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. It’s at the top of my must read list for 2018.


Accepting that some people that were once in my life were not meant to be there forever. Friends come into our lives some for a lifetime and others for a season and that is perfectly okay.


Buying a good humidifier is a must this winter. Canadian winters can be brutal. My skin definitely looks and feels dry and so does my throat. I am getting nosebleeds from time to time just due to the super dry indoor heating. Dear Spring and summer can you get here already!


Thanking God for all the people in my life who love me and accept me despite my flaws. My circle has gotten smaller over the years but the quality is what matters most to me.


Lifting heavy at the gym is a must for 2018. I have really been slacking when it comes to weight training (and it shows). I just miss how toned my legs, arms and butt were this summer!


Sometimes all you really need is a good cry or a good nap to feel better about whatever it is that you are going through. No shame.


Fascinated with documentaries on medical mysteries. I am always curious to find out what causes different types of medical conditions etc. The latest one that I saw was of two little girls that were born with very dry skin. It’s called My Skin Could Kill Me. If you want you can see the documentary here.


Taking more self portraits and pictures of myself (not selfies) is something I want to do more of. It’s not self obsession rather I see it as self appreciation and something I have not been capturing enough.


Making time for all the books I want to read is a such a challenge. I am so disappointed in myself for not reading every book that I had on my list this year (insert sad face). No excuses in 2018, I really want to read more books!


Keeping a glass bottle of water by my bed has made all the difference especially with the cold and dry Canadian winters. I tend to be very parched when I first wake up and having a few sips really helps.