7 Awesome Stranger Things Gifts You Will Want For Yourself

7 Awesome Stranger Things Gifts You Will Want For Yourself

You’ve binge watched Strange Things and are now left wondering: What’s next for me?

Well you can ease your withdrawals by gifting yourself or the special people in your life with some of these awesome Stranger Things inspired goodies.

The following 80’s nostalgia gifts are sure to impress any true fan of the show. It’s seriously such a good show and if you haven’t watched it, give it a go!

The following are some of the best Stranger Things gifts ideas for the pop culture fan.


1// Coffee Mug

DesignedForChrist: $20.00

The vintage look and feel of this mug is nostalgic and well designed. This Stranger Things coffee mug is a great gift for the comic book lover in your life. If your boyfriend or husband is a fan of the show, you can make his morning brew that much better!


2// Dustin’s Purple Brontosaurus Hoodie

WildBobbyShops: $33.84

image credit: Business Insider

Stay warm in this cozy Stranger Things hoodie. I can’t say that you will look as adorable as Dustin, but you can always try!


3// Stranger Things T-Shirt

CocoBreezeCo: $31.15

Made famous by popular fashion bloggers this Stranger things t-shirt sold out everywhere. But you can get yours on Etsy (finally).


4// Strangers Don’t Lie

Inceptualize3D: $33.86

How gorgeous is this Demogorgon figurine though! If you are a fan of the show (or know someone who is) this beautiful action figure would look right at home on any work desk, bookshelf or home office! This one is definitely a collector item.


5// Stranger Things Poster

MediaGrafittiStudio: $33.86

Any pop art fan that’s also a fan of the show would looove this poster. I think it would look really cool framed and mounted on a wall or even as part of your desk decor at your home office.


6// Ugly Christmas Sweater

XpressionTees: $25.72

The alphabet ugly Christmas sweater makes for a good holiday gift! You can even get one for yourself if you have a holiday party coming up! This is definitely a must have nostalgia piece for the holidays.It’s vintage looking and it’s ugly (what more could you want from an ugly Christmas sweater)!


7// Barb

TheKittn: $6.90

Even though Barb isn’t on the show anymore, you can keep her around with this fridge magnet. Seriously though, Barb deserved waaaay better (but I digress). We all have a little Barb in us and this is just a simple and quirky reminder.

Are you a Stranger Things fan? What’s your favorite gift from the list?  Feel free to add to the list any other ideas for fans of the show.