9 Shopping Mistakes Women Make That Waste Money

9 Shopping Mistakes Women Make That Waste Money

Believe me when I tell you that I was a shopaholic not that long ago so I know a thing or two about money not well spent.

As women we can waste a good amount of money shopping (sometimes without even knowing it!).

At times I catch myself thinking: If only I had know this or that I would have been better off leaving my money in my bank account or investing it.

I can not undo the past but I know one thing for sure, once I knew better I started doing better.


Money will work better for you in the long run if you can grow it as opposed to spending it.

This is why I am so passionate about not just saving money but being able to grow and multiply on the money you already have.

There is nothing wrong with shopping for nice things but you can do it without wasting your money.

Okay, moving on…


8 of the most common shopping mistakes that you might be making:



1) Emotional shopping:

Life can be tough sometimes and a little retail therapy is harmless. The only thing is most of us do not do a little we do the most!

I am so guilty of shopping while either upset or happy. Most of the times that I have made an emotional purchase it’s almost been 99.9% on things or items that I really did not need (or want in some cases).


2) Overly trendy pieces:

I remember when fringe was all people wore a few years ago. You couldn’t go anywhere without seeing girls wearing baby doll dresses (do you girl).

I also fell into the trap of Chevrolet print dresses and animal print hoodies (all of which have long been donated)! A few years later I stood in my closet with nothing to wear! I hated all my clothes and had wasted tons of money!

You can never go wrong just buying a few wardrobe staples.

Skip the trends, cheetah print, platform heels and work on finding your own personal style instead.


3) Buying multiple items of the same thing:

Sometimes you like a pair of shoes, a clothing item or accessories so much that the temptation to buy them all in different colors is soooo REAL! Do not do it if you are on a budget or trying to save money.

You do not need to buy the same dress in three colors! Avoid the temptation and leave your money in the bank.


4) Sale items:

Be very picky even when it comes to inexpensive clothes, shoes and accessories. Just because it’s on sale it doesn’t mean that it’s a good deal.

Remember any item on sale is only a good deal if you actually NEED it. Otherwise it’s just one more thing that will add clutter to your home. If you don’t need it, do not buy it even if it’s on sale.

Avoid final sale items especially when shopping online. Why? You can’t return them even if they don’t fit!


5) Not paying attention to the fabric:

A few years ago I used to buy cheap things and felt so accomplished for spending less. As I’ve gotten wiser my preference is that I would much rather pay a little bit more and get a high quality fabric than pay for cheap looking clothing.

If you are shopping for clothing, say a dress, pants, t shirt, blouse etc. you are better off saving a little bit to get better quality fabric that will look and feel better.


6) Shop with free returns

I have wasted soooo much money when returning my online purchases.

If you shop online I would highly recommend for you to buy from websites that offer free returns just in case you need to return the item you are not paying for shipping.

A free return is when an online retailer offers you a return label that has shipping already paid if you decide to ship the item back to the retailer (in case it doesn’t fit or you don’t like the item).


7) Buying uncomfortable shoes:

They say beauty is pain but does it really have to be? I beg to differ.

In my opinion shoes that you can wear comfortably for long amounts of time is money well spent.

If you want to maximize the cost per purchase of your shoes, buy shoes that you can wear more than once.


8) Special occasion wear:

Buy one or two dressy and “just in case” types of clothing for those occasions that require you to dress up a bit.

It’s important not to wait until last minute to buy special occasion wear because chances are 9/10 you will always end up overspending (at for me that’s been the case).


9) Buy According To Your Lifestyle:

When I say shop your lifestyle what I mean is when shopping look for items that fit into the way you live your life.

If you have to dress up for work and go to professional events then it makes sense to have more dressier outfits.

On the other hand if say you work from home you might find it more reasonable to shop for casual or semi-casual outfits. This would mean a lower cost per wear.


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