11 Most Overrated Tourist Attractions In The World

11 Most Overrated Tourist Attractions In The World

Anytime you say vacation, people want to imagine a sandy beach, laying around all day drinking and doing a whole lot of nothing. While that can be a great vacation for a couple of days, there are other ways to be on ‘vacation’. When I go on vacation I like to do things like a local would such as walk around, eat at a family owned restaurant and in general discover more about the place I am visiting etc.

There are some places that movies, TV shows and people in general have hyped up that in the end these super popular attractions do not live up to the hype. That’s what makes them overrated. It’s not that they are bad places to visit, but you might have to lower your expectations if you decide to go there.

If your travel itinerary includes any of the places mentioned here it might be time to rethink. Now I am not saying you should never visit the places mentioned below, but just do so with realistic expectations. You can also create memories (and get amazing photos) by discovering other lesser known areas that aren’t popular tourist attractions!

If you do decide that you still would like to visit the more touristy areas and you want to get the best photos of your trip, it’s always a good idea to wake up super early and get there before the place gets overcrowded. I am talking about waking up super early in order to be on site by the time the sun’s up!


Sky GardenĀ  London

When I went to London I was lucky enough that the sky was clear and the sun was shining and the crowds surprisingly minimal! I have heard that if you go on the wrong day. You won’t be able to see anything at all plus you will have to deal with the overcrowding. I lucked out on both I guess!


The Taj Mahal

If you’ve always wanted to get that perfect centered shot of the Taj Mahal, good luck! The place is overcrowded from sun up to sun down.


The Stonehenge, UK

Nobody knows how the rocks got there and how this place came to be. You will probably wonder the same thing…So will a hundred other tourists! Heavy traffic both to and from the place.


Central Park, New York

Go at any time of the day and you will fight your way through congestion. There are alot of people going through Central Park and it’s a major place for cyclists, tourists, runners etc. Plus only two bathrooms in the entire park! Skip the latte.


The Amsterdam Sign

It’s right next to impossible to get a picture of yourself by the Amsterdam sign. If you are determined enough, you can try and get up at the crack of dawn and see if you can get your shot. It can be very challenging to try and take a decent picture when you and 100+ other tourists are also trying to do the same.


Leaning Tower of Piazza

Most people go here in order to get that stereotypical touristy shot of them pushing on the tower. Not only is the site overcrowded, but you can do this at home with photoshop. Explore other places


The Mona Lisa

You will have to fight your way through droves of people just to get a measly grainy photo of the Mona Lisa (there are way better ways to spend your vaction)


London Eye, UK

Overpriced and overrated. Just go for a stroll around the South Bank of London instead it’s much more fun, you will see more interesting things and it’s less expensive.


Venice, Italy

Unless you go in the off season when the weather has cooled down a bit, be ready to deal with heavy congestion, tons of other tourists and overpriced gondola rides. Parts of the Venice canals can be smelly sometimes too and the pathways full of pigeon poop.


The Colosseum, Italy

Such a fascinating place to visit, Roman emperors used this space to host savage animal and gladiator fights. Overtime the structure of the amphitheater has fallen apart. Be ready to queue up with the other dozens of tourists visiting the are.


The Golden Gate Bridge, United States

If you are ever in San Franscisco chances are you will want to visit this very popular site. However, good luck getting a decent picture. If you really have to go to the Golden Bridge, wake up at the crack of dawn to avoid the crowds.


The Blarney Stone, Ireland

People say that kissing the Blarney Stone in Ireland will give you years of good luck (or bacteria). Word on the street is that fraudsters have caught on to the fact that people go there to kiss the stone and at night they will come by and urinate on the site. If that isn’t enough to put you off completely, then what is?!