17 Must Have Essentials For a Long Haul Flight

17 Must Have Essentials For a Long Haul Flight

Okay, so I have a few tips on how to survive a long haul flight. As much as I love traveling to new places, discovering new things etc. Long flights are not my favorite at all.

Any plane ride that is over 6 hours leaves me feeling EXHAUSTED. Sigh…I can’t even.

Regardless of how long your flight might be, you ultimately want to be comfortable and not completely inconvenienced.

I put together a list of 17 long haul travel tips to help you make a long flight as bearable and as comfortable as possible.

2 Things to remember Before you book your flight:

1//Book early

Start planning your trip and put things into place earlier because you will save money on your flight if you book atleast 1 month ahead. If you book a flight last minute or within 3 weeks of departure you can expect to pay more. Flights get more expensive the closer you get to the departure date. Avoid booking your flights on weekends as I’ve found the rates to be higher.

2// Check Seat Guru

Before you choose your seat, make sure to head over to seatguru if you want to know which seats are good and the bad ones. Seat Guru will also show you the kinds of in flight amenities tthat you can expect when you travel.


Top 17 Long Haul Travel Tips


1. Travel pillow

This one is a MUST! Even if it’s a 5 hour flight, a travel pillow is a much needed comfort piece on a plane. I once got on a long haul flight without one and I barely slept.- I regretted every moment of that plane ride!




2. Pain killers

Iboprofene is always in my carry on anytime I travel. You could get a headache, cramps, etc. so make sure to take some pain killer with you.


3. Noise cancellation headphones

Airports and airplanes can be so noisy! It’s always better to travel with a pair of noise cancellation headphones if you enjoy listening to music (or watching videos).

If you are looking for a pair of high quality headphones that are comparable to the Bose Quiet comfort (without the Bose price tag), you can grab this pair of noise cancellation headphones for your commute or travels.




4. Power adapter

I am guessing you are planning to plug in your electric toothbrush, laptop, charge your phone, ipad etc. when you get to your hotel room (or Air B and B). If are traveling internationally you need to get yourself a world travel power converter kit.

Never buy a power converter that doesn’t have a surge protector.  – Oh by the way, -a power adapter is not the same thing as a converter!

*Rule of thumb: If it heats (hair appliances) or cools, it probably needs a converter. If not, it needs an adapter. 




5. Face wipes

Whatever you do, do not wear makeup on a long haul flight. Your face needs to breathe. My face was one hot mess when I wore makeup


6. Compression Stockings

Compression stockings are a MUST if you don’t want your legs and ankles to swell up like crayyyyyzeee! Flights or 4 hours or more can put you at a risk of deep vein thrombosis/blood clots (some people have died from this).

Wearing compression stockings helps to stimulate circulation and this prevents the blood from pooling. Aim for a pressure gradient of at least 15-20mmHG.



7. Get moving

Don’t just remain seated at your seat throughout your flight! Deep vein thrombosis is a dangerous thing that can happen to anyone! – The risk for serious medical issues is greater for people who remain sedentary during flights.

Stand and walk around the plane. Stretch, walk up and down the isles (ignore the strange looks from other passengers).


8. In-flight entertainment

It’s going to be a loooong flight if you don’t have anything to keep you occupied. If you need Wi-fi, make sure to buy it before takeoff (it can be p to 50% cheaper!).

I usually download movies and TV shows and store them in my hard drive and it works amazing for me! Bring some backup entertainment like a book, iPad etc.


9. Portable charger

Do not forget to get yourself a portable charger for your phone! Not every plane seat is going to have a charging station/outlet.  I was once at an airport trying to find transportation when my phone died. It was sooo frustrating.

This is why I highly recommend you get yourself a portable charger. It’s such a hassle to be left without any power to your phone when traveling!



10. Earplugs and Eye Mask

As much as I like the little people (aka babies) sitting near one on a long haul flight can be a bit noisy and frustrating. Bring a set of disposable earplugs in case you need to sleep through a tantrum or two…or three.

Oh and don’t forget an eye mask! It’s kinda hard to fall asleep already and an eye mask helps alot. Remember to pack some eye drops! The dry recycled airplane air can really dry out your eyes.


11. Face Moisturizer

ALWAYS take a moisturizer with you on a long haul flight. I use a different moisturizer when I travel since my skin can tends to dry out and look dull.

My moisturizer of choice is the Garnier SkinActive Moisture Rescue Moisturizer. It leaves my skin so plump, smooth and my makeup goes on flawlessly once I get to my destination!




12. Healthy snacks

Bring something healthy that you can snack on. I like snacking on trail mix, cliff bars and almonds. Just beware and considerate if you bring nuts on a plane!

-Some passengers might have severe nut allergies (listen to the flight announcements for this) and you don’t want to endanger anybody’s life.


13. Lip balm

My lips get super DRY anytime I am on a plane even on short flights! My chapstick is always with me in my purse and a favorite one of mine is the Burt’s Bees Moisturizing Lip Balm . I always travels with multiple lip balms just in case I lose one.


14. Stay hydrated

I personally hate using the bathroom especially on the airplane (it’s icky)! – My way of drinking more water is to bring a water bottle and I usually fill up at the water fountain or on the plane when the flight attendants come around. It’s very important to drink water whenever you travel!

Drinking water will help you to feel better and you will recover much faster from your jetlag if you are not dehydrated.




15. Comfy clothes

Traveling is already stressful enough and that is why I don’t like wearing tight fitting clothes or jeans on flights. You can find me wearing joggers or yoga pants and I always bring a hoodie with me because it’s usually so cold on most planes!

You can look put together and comfy (but not sloppy) wearing joggers.  If you are not a joggers person, just wear comfy clothes. You want to be as comfortable as possible!


16. Travel blanket

Bring a small portable travel blanket like this light weight airplane blanket. The fleece will keep you warm and cozy because we all know airplanes can get very cold (especially in the nighttime).

As a person who is usually cold even when I’m home, – I will never board a long haul flight without a travel blanket!



17. Gum and mints

ALWAYS take some mints or chewing gum (I take both) to chomp on during a flight. Gum or breath mints can help to refresh stale dragon breath. Having these two things will help you to avoid the really ear popping that happens during take off or landing.


Additional tips to survive your long haul flight:

  • Pack some extra clothes! Always pack some extra clothes in your carry on. Sometimes airlines can delay your luggage so it helps to keep an extra pair of clothes just in case!
  • Pack your essentials in a smaller tote bag so that you are not having to get up to unload from the overhead (this will annoy other passengers and it’s a hassle).
  • Pack a small toiletries bag with a toothbrush, mouthwash (and some travel toothpaste). I don’t carry many makeup products in my carry on. I usually only take the basics such as eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, concealer and moisturizer.
  • Don’t forget your sunglasses! Sometimes the sun can be super bright especially if you are sitting my the window seat
  • Get yourself a window seat! At least when you’re sitting by the window you can lean against something and get some sleep.


Traveling is so exciting but it can also be super stressful sometimes. The main goal of the tips I have provided you above is to help you make your long haul flight as comfortable as possible.

Your quality of life doesn’t have to take a nose dive when you are traveling. You can still enjoy yourself, recover from jetlag and create memories of the new places you travel to!

Where are you going on your next trip? Do you have any tips to add to the list? Leave a comment and let me know!