11 Living Room Color Schemes To Transform Your Home

11 Living Room Color Schemes To Transform Your Home

My living room is one of my favorite places and it’s where I spend most of my time just reading, watching TV or taking a power nap etc. so it only makes sense that the space is calming and clutter free. This year I am looking to switch up my home decor and redecorate a bit. My biggest task right now is getting together a color palette and actually getting the thing done.

Since I am looking to re-decorate my living room I decided to make a post on the different living room color schemes just for my inspiration. My hope is that you can be inspired too! I really like the different colors from the living rooms I was able to find online.


If you prefer more subtle colors I also did a post on neutral living room ideas and you can find it here. When it comes to decorating any room in your house it’s all about adding your own personal touch and creating a space that you love.


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Feel free to take some inspiration from the living rooms featured here. -After all, you do not have to be a professional interior designer in order for your home to look like a page straight out of a magazine!


Emerald Green Couch

Source:  The House that Lars Built



Blush Couch Shabby Chic

Source: My Old Country House



Seaside Vibes

Source: Oh What’s This



Find Teal, Gold and White Home Decor on Amazon


1 – Gold mirror | 2 – White planter | 3 – Smoky teal sofa | 4 – Morrocan style ottoman | 5 – Damask decorative pillows | 6 – Marble side table



Gray Couch Gold Tones

Source: Lauren and Georgia



Find Black, Gray and Gold Home Decor on Amazon


1 – Gray sectional | 2 – Throw pillows | 3 – Gold coffee table | 4 – Cozy throw | 5 – Ottoman | 6 – Vase



Rustic Farmhouse

Source: Blesser House



Neutral Living Room

Source: Studio Mcgee


Glam Chic Bright Accents

Source: Home Polish



Find Black, Pink and White Home Decor on Amazon



1 – Kate Spade Coffee Table Book |  2 – Decorative Pillows | 3 – Tufted black couch | 4 – Copper Desk lamp |  5 – Hammered Copper Bowl | 6 – Patterned Pillow | 7 – Tom Ford Coffee Table Book



Nautical Dreams

Source: Style at Home



Parisian Chic Living Room

Source: Daily Dream Decor



Porcelain Living

Source: Citrine Living



Exotic Neutrals

Source: Laurel and Wolf


My hope is that the above 13 living room color schemes will inspire you to do something great with your space. Remember it’s all about taking something and making it your own. Let me know what color palettes do you prefer and are into at the moment?