13 Things You Do That Make Your Life Toxic & Unhappy

13 Things You Do That Make Your Life Toxic & Unhappy

Well I really wanted to get this post done the very first week of January since it was the beginning of the new year but to tell you the truth, I have been soooo busy! I do not believe in making New Years resolutions and I would rather change my life through routine and the things I do every day. Today especially I wanted to talk about some of the things that I have done and seen other people do that can get their year off to a bad start.

Looking back at my life and the times where I have been the most happy is when I am taking care of myself physically and mentally while also having good people around me.

My goal here is to help you have a better 2018 and leave most (if not all) negativity in your past.

It’s still the first month of the year and oh well better late than ever!


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1. Keep negative & toxic people in your life. Do you want to be super unhappy and miserable in 2018? Allow negative people to stay in your life. Keep company with people who regularly gossip about others (don’t mind them if they also gossip about you from time to time). Stay around people who continuously criticize you, bring you down, make snide remarks and show you through their actions that they do not support you.


2. Spend more than you earn and heck why not go all in and spend almost every penny you have each month! Buy any car you want and just put it on car payments (even though you know you can’t afford it). -You deserve nice things so keep swiping that credit card. As a matter of fact, get another credit card (or two) and buy all the designer shoes, clothes and bags that you can get your hands on. After all, isn’t that what credit cards are for? -Plus you can pay off the debt later and there is nothing wrong with looking good and having nice things!


3. Watch and read the news regularly like it’s your job. Fill up your mind up with murders, fires, death, storms, hurricanes etc. Tune in to the news the first and last thing in the morning  and fill your mind with chaos and suffering. I dare you to do this for a week and come back and tell me how your week went.


4. Play victim and live by the mantra that everything that happens in your life is somebody else’s fault but your own. Wait for someone to come and rescue you from debt, unemployment, a bad relationship, a job you hate etc. Instead of taking the steps to get out of your current situation in life wallow in self pity and hope that some day a miracle happens or you hit the jackpot by winning the lottery.


5. Surround yourself with unhappy people. Regularly spend time around people who whine, complain and take zero responsibility for the way their lives have turned out. Not much else to say here.


6. Neglect your mind and never pay any attention to your mental health and the things you put inside your head. Focus on consuming and filling yourself up with negative thoughts, images, negative online content etc. Talk negatively about yourself and say things in your daily inner dialogue such as: I am not smart, not pretty enough, not tall enough, short enough, fit enough etc.


7. Compare yourself and your life to other people’s lives. Spend hours upon hours scrolling through social media profiles of friends and random people you do not know. Take a look at their cars, relationships, houses, clothes, travels etc. then go back to your life, sulk, get depressed and focus on the fact that you do not have the things that other people have.


8. Hold grudges and refuse to let go of the past. Hold onto your pain with everything you have and refuse any self improvement or professional help. Allow people who have wronged you to have power over your happiness. Refuse to let go and by doing so let them win by carrying this heavy burden each and every day.


9. Shut up and be quiet even even during the times when you have something to say. Do not speak up when you see someone doing/saying something that affects you in a negative way. Being assertive, what’s that? Why not give the offending person the silent treatment instead. Sitting down with the person you are having issues and letting them know why you are upset is so overrated anyways!


11. Worry too much about what other people think about you. Spend time worrying about what other people think of you and your life. Worry about what others think about your house, car, furniture, career, dreams etc. Always go looking to your family, relatives, colleagues, friends and acquaintances for opinions and look for approval from everyone every chance you get.


12. Stay in a job you hate. Your job is where you spend most of your time and especially if you work full time so it only makes sense to like your place of work. Working a job you hate can and will make you miserable (trust me I speak from past experience). If you hate your job  make yourself an exit plan and save some money so that you can get out!


13. Spend lots of time on Instagram and Facebook. Instagram is where you will find beautiful people, traveling to equally beautiful places and living the kind of dream life that you would love to live..Or so it seems.

Whomever said that comparison is the thief of joy was 100% right! Comparing yourself to friends or strangers and their perfectly curated posts is a sure way to be miserable. Remember that you are seeing people’s highlight reel anytime you see them on social media. Do not assume that you know people and how they really live just from looking at a few carefully edited pictures on a grid display.


Your mindset can really affect the way you look at life in general. Being content with your life does not mean that you are settling for less. You can still be grateful for what you have while at the same time working towards reaching your goals.

Alright, that’s all I have to say about the ways you can choose to make your year the worst. Rest assured doing the things above will make your life a very unhappy one in 2018 (so don’t do them!). My wish for you is that you will have a very happy year in 2018 and beyond. Let’s make this year a positive and productive one!


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