11 Affordable Ways To Decorate Your Bedroom on a Budget

11 Affordable Ways To Decorate Your Bedroom on a Budget

One of my favorite rooms in my house is my bedroom it’s a cozy place where I lay my head at night to sleep. I sometimes like to hang out and watch Netflix from under the covers before I fall asleep. It only makes sense to have a place where I actually enjoy spending time in. Your bedroom should be a relaxing and cozy place where you go to rest and let the stress melt away.


But it’s so expensive to decorate your house ? It is possible to decorate your bedroom on a budget without spending alot of money. You do not have to empty out your bank account to upgrade the look of your bedroom!


You can find affordable ways to makeover your bedroom that fit your budget and actually look great too! Check out the following bedroom decor ideas that are sure to upgrade your room without emptying your wallet.


Create a Gallery Wall

Mix and match different sized framed photos and other accessories for a  personalized look. I find that Pinterest has many good ideas when it comes to gallery walls so check it out and get inspired!


Side Table Lamps

The kind of side table lamps that you choose can change the way your room looks. If you have a good thrift store in your area make sure to take a peek from time to time. You can find some really good deals on side table lamps and even lamp covers themselves.

Adding lantern style lighting can add a sophisticated and rustic look to your bedroom. You can find lighting here.


DIY Door Handle/ Drawer Knobs

Change up the look of your bedroom door handle or the drawer knobs on your dresser. You can spray paint the drawer knobs or door handles to change up the look and feel of your bedroom. All you need is a can of spray paint!

Crystal knobs and other different types of drawer knobs can also be paired together and look really good with a white dresser for an elegant looking bedroom.


Spray Paint a Few Things!

Upgrade the look of your furniture and fixtures using spray paint. I particularly like using gold spray paint on things such as figurines, vases, magazine trays, flower pots etc.

Using gold spray paint will give your bedroom decor an expensive and elegant look. Try it and see for yourself!

All you need is a can spray paint. My favorite is the Rust-oleum Metallic Gold Spray Paint. Gold can sometimes look tacky & cheap if not done right and I find the Rust-oleum  paint gives a true gold color and a classy timeless finish.





Having plants in a house can help to purify the air and also give some life to your space. I really like the look that succulent plants give to any room.

Succulents are low maintenance by nature so this is a plant you will not have to fuss too much about.


Upgrade Light Fixtures

Sometimes light fixtures can be a real eye sore. Changing up the light fixtures can be done by swiping out the old light fixture with something more attractive.

I have seen people do really cool things with light fixtures some people even have chandeliers installed! The most important thing with light fixtures is: If you do not know what you are doing please find someone who does! It’s not safe to play around with electricity and wiring.


Hang Some Tapestry

Hanging some tapestry is a great way to make your bedroom more cozy. Tapestries are really awesome if you are going for that bohemian feel. Add some succulent plants and some rustic furniture to up the ante.


DIY Pillowcases

Make your own pillowcases and add some personality to your room. DIY pillowcases are not that complicated and even if you do not know how to sew you can make no-sew pillowcases.


String up Some Lights



Get some LED lights and hang them on your walls, furniture or drape them over fixtures for the ultimate cozy look.

You can get a set of string lights here.

I have some string lights around my house and they definitely give a really cozy and comforting feel especially once the nighttime comes around and I cozy up on the couch for some reading.


Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

Sometimes all you need is a fresh coat of paint to revamp the look of your room. If you are living in an apartment or renting your place make sure to ask before you do this.

If you own your place go to town and paint things up! Most places that allow renters to paint will want you to paint the room back to its original paint color (keep this in mind).


DIY Headboard

Pinterest has some amazing DIY headboards that you can check out and get ideas from. YouTube is also another place where you can get inspiration and instructions on how to build your very own headboard.

If DIY isn’t really your thing, Amazon carries some really nice looking (and affordable) tufted headboards!

Your headboard is a big part of your room. Transform your room from rustic, elegant, minimalist etc. there is so much you can do with a homemade headboard.