8 Highest Paying Online Surveys That Pay Cash

8 Highest Paying Online Surveys That Pay Cash

Lots of people wonder “can you really make money with online surveys”?

I have to say that for the longest time I was really skeptical about the many so called ‘paid online survey sites’ that were floating around the Internet claiming to be legit.  Nobody wants to spend time going through something that ends up being a total waste of time.

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme or anything like that. You are not going to be making enough money to quit your job. However,-  it is possible that you can make an extra $200 or more.

Instead of browsing through your phone aimlessly why not make some extra money from home?! You can take the survey as you watch Netflix, wait for your food to be ready/delivered, while commuting to work (if you take public transportation) etc.  The time will pass anyways so you might as well use it to make a few extra bucks!

If you are looking to make some extra cash each and every month, you can sign up for the following  highest paying online surveys and get started today.


The survey sites featured here are legit and trustworthy and they pay cash when you qualify and complete them.


A List of the Best Highest Paying Online Surveys:


1. Vindale Research


Are you looking for the highest paying online surveys? Then you need to give Vindale Research a go. With this website you can make up to $50 per survey if you qualify and complete some of their offers. The surveys pay through Paypal or check and Vindale Research is risk free and free to join. If you want to make a few extra dollars every month to pay off some of your bills! Sign up to get started.


2. Swagbucks


Get free gift cards and cash for doing the very things you are probably doing online right now. You can get paid by using Swagbucks to shop online, take survey, watch videos, search the web etc. You can get free gift cards to your favorite online retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks and so much more! Get paid through PayPal and Gift cards plus it’s free to join so if you are interested you can sign up here. Swagbucks is great for saving money while you shop online and they use PayPal to deposit earnings.


3. Daily Rewards


If you are looking for online surveys in Canada that pay you in cash look no further than Daily Rewards. This is a legit place where you can make money taking surveys, reading emails, playing games and watching videos. You can sign up for free and at the moment they are offering $5.00 just for signing up!


4. Ipsos i-Say


i-Say has over 3 million members and you get to earn gift cards and rewards by voicing your opinion on things such as entertainment, branding, global brands and more. When you sign up for i-Say you will earn points that you can later on redeem for rewards such as gift cards, handbags, paypal deposits, prepaid visas and more.


5. Inbox Dollars/Daily Rewards


Earn some extra bucks for taking surveys , shopping online and watching videos. Inbox dollars has partnered up with well known brands such as: Netflix, H&R Block, Walmart, Target etc. that need your input and opinion. You can make as much as $15, 30, $100 and more for the offers you qualify for and complete. Sign up to get started and get $5 just for joining! For Canadians, the site will re-route you to Daily Rewards.


6. One Opinion


Everybody has an opinion and it’s even better when you can get some money for voicing yours. Help businesses create better products and services by giving your opinion on their products. One Opinion has excellent 24/7 customer services. You can sign up for One Opinion here. They have survey offers in industries such as: footwear, clothing, food & beverage, sports, toys, video games, beauty, consumer electronics etc. One Opinion’s paid surveys pay via PayPal and Visa gift cards.


7. Pinecone Research


Pinecone Research lets you earn points for each offer you complete.  Get a chance to try out products before they hit the market and then give your opinion and feedback. After you have completed the surveys on Pinecone you can redeem the points you earn for cash or other prizes. Paypal deposits for taking surveys is something that is also available once you add your PayPal account email to your personal profile. This site also has sweepstakes where members can win up to $500! – It doesn’t hurt to try it out. Sign up for Pinecone Research here.


8. Survey Junkie


Make a few extra dollars in your spare time with Survey Junkie. On this website you get to be an influencer by giving your feedback to companies on their products and services. Survey Junkie offers fun and interesting survey offers and you can get paid through PayPal or gift cards. Get more information on Survey Junkie here.



Honorable Mention


9. Harris Poll


Harris Poll has been in business for over 50 years so it’s safe to say that as a survey company they are legit. With this particular website you earn points that you can redeem towards gift cards Amazon, WSJ, Starbucks, ESPN magazine, iTunes etc. The membership is free and if you are not necessarily looking for a survey website that pays you in cash or PayPal, then why not give Harris Poll a go!

Canadians who want to take part in the survey can do so with Harris Poll Canada because the US link will not work.

Taking surveys is a great way to get earn some extra cash from the comforts of wherever you happen to be. You can make money while you watch TV, during your morning or afternoon commute from work or while you’re just winding down for the night.

It doesn’t take that much effort and most survey websites use Paypal and other methods such as check to deliver your earnings. If you want for them to send you gift cards you can also do that with most of the above mentioned sited.  You can also do the surveys on your mobile phone or on your computer desktop.


How do you know which ones are the best survey websites?

The sites mentioned here are some of the most reputable with proven results. You can maximize your chances of earning more the more sites you sign up for. Most sites usually offer a few surveys a month so the more websites that you sign up for, the more likelihood that you can participate in more offers and make more cash!


Avoid bad paid survey sites

How do you know if you are about to take on a bad survey website? My rule of thumb is, if it’s too good to be true, then it’s too good to be true!

  • All of the sites featured here are FREE. – If a website asks you to make a payment or provide your credit card before completing an offer then it’s not legitimate. Don’t walk, run. I mean close the tab or click the back button right away.
  • The sites that offer good surveys will pay either in PayPal, check, gift cards and direct deposit. If a site doesn’t offer these methods then it’s probably best to avoid it all together.


On each site you will find that there are many offers and you will not be accepted for all of them. – But do not get discouraged if you don’t qualify for one, try again and apply for other offers. Soon enough you will start to see results and make sure to come back here and let me know how much you made on your first payment!

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