Fun Gifts For People Who Love The Office TV Show

Fun Gifts For People Who Love The Office TV Show

The Office is such a good TV show and I really loved watching it back in my grade school days.

I occasionally catch a re-run episode here and there (and it really takes me waaaay back).

If you are a fan of the show (or know somebody that is) I put together a list of keepsakes that you might want to pick up as fond reminders.

You can bring on the nostalgia with some of these gift ideas for The Office TV Show fans.




1// Pencils set – These are so quirky and fun. Perfect as vanity pencils for your desk at home (not too sure about work though) .


2// Michael Scott 20/20 T-Shirt – I want this one so bad! Can you imagine the craziness of it all?!- Michael Scott 20/20! Hey, a girl can only dream.



3// Dementors Coffee Mug – Mornings would be so much better with Prison Mike. -That’s if this was your coffee mug.


4// Michael and Dwight Keychain – I mean…It doesn’t get any funnier and crazier than the antics between Michael and Dwight!


5// Prison Mike T-Shirt – Such a good gag gift for any fan of the show! I still remember this episode with the ‘Dementors’ (ahhhh…the nostalgia guys ).


6// Jim Halpert Dictionary Art – This would look so good in any home office or displayed on a bookshelf.



7// Michael Scott Scotch Glasses – Drink to Michael Scott’s antics with these two Scotch glasses. If you know someone who drinks Scotch…well here’s an idea on what you can get them (or yourself).


8 // Dwight Schrute Socks – Ah Dwight never gets old. These cozy socks are great stocking stuffers!

9// Dwight Schrute Card – I swear Dwight will never get old! His face expressions are everything. Bring a smile to someone’s face when they finally see this on their birthday.


10// Poster – Modern art for an affordable price. The show might have come to an end (…tear) but The Office will live on FOREVER!

11// Kevin Malone Mug – This one definitely speaks for itself! Are you a man/woman of few words how about this cup to ward off any Chatty Cathy at your workplace (shhh….you didn’t hear that from me).


I really get nostalgic whenever I catch a rerun of The Office and this is a great way for any fan to keep the memories and inside jokes with them.

What is your favorite item on the list so far? Feel free to share in the comments below.