5 Useful Gift Ideas For Women Who Blog & Love Social Media

5 Useful Gift Ideas For Women Who Blog & Love Social Media

Anytime I get a gift that I can use I am happy. Don’t get me wrong, novelty gifts can be fun but I am one of those people who prefers to get practical gifts. I really like things that I can use. The best thing you can get someone whether its a holiday gift, birthday, graduation, anniversary etc is a gift that will keep on giving (corny but true).

As someone who is growing my business and also blogging I thought it would be a good idea to come up with a list of gifts that would be perfect for bloggers or even YouTubers.


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Daily planner/bullet journal

If I didn’t have a daily planner my life would be one very hot mess. I am 100% sure of this. I am the most productive when I plan my day. Writing things down is a must if I want to actually do them. Cleaning the house, working on my business, writing posts on this blog etc. It all has to be written down or I will forget about it!

Where can you get it: There are some really nice daily planners over on Amazon and you can even find some at your local bookstore. You don’t need to spend a ton of money on a planner. I also use a bullet journal in addition to my planner and it can be a really creative way to stay organized and productive.


Camera & Photography Equipment


I love my DSLR camera its’s been such a huge bonus for me now that I have started blogging. It’s amazing the things you can do with a good camera nowadays. If you want to gift yourself or someone else with high quality pictures and on point cinematic video get yourself a quality DSLR camera! I do not regret mine one bit.

If you want to start a YouTube channel or a blog, a good quality camera and lens is a must have! Going full time as a creative nowadays it is more of a requirement than anything. The great thing is you do not have to break the bank especially if you are starting out.

Where you can get it: My Canon 70D has yet to disappoint me and I adoooore my camera. You don’t have to get the same exact camera as mine (I am a Canon girl at heart), there are other cameras such as the Sony A6000, Panasonic Lumix, and so many others. For lenses I would highly recommend the Panasonic Lumix¬† it’s a really affordable simple lens for taking pictures (especially if you want that bokeh look). Regardless of your budget, there is a camera out there.


Tripod & Photography Props



Sometimes you just want to enhance your pictures or videos. Having very high quality photos and video is extremely important these days. Having a good quality tripod is a must if you are a blogger or want to make videos on YouTube.

With so many people on platforms such as Instagram, YouTube¬† and on blogs, it’s a must to stand out from the crowd. Since many of us don’t travel 24/7 like many Instagrammers, photo props can come in real handy.

Where you can get it: Amazon has a good selection of photography equipment such as tripods, white foam boards, marble backgrounds and so much more. Nowadays you can create your own photography or video set for a very affordable price!


Blog Hosting

Get yourself or someone else started on the blogging journey with dedicated web hosting. A blog can be the start of a dream so web hosting is a really nice way to show someone that you support their dreams.

Self-hosted blogs have a much better chance to succeed and especially when it comes to making money, securing brand deals etc. Free platforms like blogger, Wix etc. just won’t cut it for serious bloggers.

Where you can get it: If you want reliable hosting for any blog, I would recommend Bluehost or Siteground. Building a profitable blog starts with a good hosting company. I can not say that enough after the bad experiences I have had with some hosting companies (ahem the one I’m talking about has an alligator…)


Stationery & Organization



My desk can get very messy so if someone got me a set of shelves or organization of some sort I would be thrilled! The organizing nerd in me would just be thinking of all the ways I could make my desk space prettier.

I would never say no to pretty stationery. Welcoming stationery into my life with open arms is what I’m about. You can find affordable stationary online and the good thing about it is it looks good!

Where to get it: Find quality stationery such as: notebooks, sticky notes, writing pens, and desk accessories over on Amazon. An organized blogger is more likely to succeed. In my personal opinion when my desk is tidy and looks good I am more creative!


Blogging can be alot of fun and I am really enjoying this journey so far. I know there are 5 gift ideas listed here, but I forgot to mention never underestimate a good office chair! Where you sit as you work matter alot. If you are uncomfortable, you will not be productive.

Did I miss anything off the list? Feel free to add your own suggestions below.

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