My Clear Skin Care Routine: Get Rid of Acne & Dark Marks On The Face

My Clear Skin Care Routine: Get Rid of Acne & Dark Marks On The Face

Are you here to find out how you can get rid of skin discolorations and other dark marks caused by acne on your face?

Keep reading to find out the methods I used (and still use) to fade and treat my hyperpigmentation.

But first, -how did I initially get the dark spots on my face? Well…When I was about 18 years old I started wearing makeup (as much as I love makeup I wish that I could go back and tell my 18 year old self to just stawwwp!).

Wearing makeup caused me to develop cosmetic acne (and with it came the post acne hyperpigmentation).

Of course I also had hormonal acne later on and it brought with it its own set of problems.

Pimples and acne can cause dark spots and skin discolorations.

Hyperpigmentation is when areas of your skin darken because of an increased production of melanin.

Skin discolorations are especially noticeable in tan and darker skin tones.

It’s not enough that you get a big ugly pimple but you also have a dark spot to constantly remind you of it! Arrrgh!

Wearing heavy foundation when I had mostly even skin was absolutely unnecessary when I was only 18 years old.

The main reason I started wearing foundation was because all the glamorous girls in the glossy magazines were wearing it (i know I was such a follower).

I remember the very first time I bought my first cream-to-powder foundation was during my freshman year at college.

Shortly after I started caking on the foundation, my skin started to break out heavily in big zits and I chalked it up to adult acne.

With every pimple I noticed that I was getting dark marks. At first i was wearing makeup because I wanted to but soon I found myself having to wear makeup to cover up the dark spots!

My skin was very uneven and I was devastated to say the least.


Now that you know a bit of my background when it comes to acne and skin discolorations, here is what has worked for me so far when it comes to getting rid of dark marks.

I use this method to treat acne and fade stubborn spots.



The best DIY face mask to get rid of acne


A few things that can cause acne…

Genetics (ugh thanks mom and dad)

Makeup & skincare products

Dirty pillows & pillowcases

Dirty hands (stop touching your face)

Haircare products (you can sweat and this trickles down your face & can cause breakouts)


Medication  etc.

*Do you have acne prone skin? Make sure that any skincare and makeup products that you use are non comodeogenic, oil free and scent free to avoid any skin irritation.


A few tips on controlling acne breakouts

My acne was mainly been caused by wearing makeup and also from me not knowing how to properly remove my makeup.

If you wear makeup, it’s really important to know take it off properly and NEVER sleep in your makeup!

Nowadays I make sure that ALL my makeup is completely off my skin before I go to bed.

A good skincare routine is a MUST if you want clear skin. No exceptions.


Here are the products I use to take off my makeup:

– NOXZEMA Deep Cleansing Cream (here)

– Extra virgin olive oil (here)

– Makeup Wipes (here)

– Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser & Makeup Remover (here)

– Face brush (here)



Get yourself a Face brush!

Ever since I started using the Essential Skin Solutions face brush my breakouts are pretty much non existent.

I only break out during that time of the month (even then I usually have just one pimple not multiples like before).

Using a face brush has literally gotten rid of my acne and made my skin texture so smooth.

My skin also looks much better with or without makeup.

I have noticed that I do not get the harsh looking texture that I used to have whenever I wore makeup. Smooth as a baby’s bottom!

This face brush comes with the following: An extra soft brush, firm microderm brush, a pumice stone, and one large exfoliating body brush. They sent me a dark red color instead of the white one showed but it works nonetheless.

Some people do not like to use a spinning face brush but I 100% love mine and will always use one because it takes ALL my makeup off and my skin soooo much better because of it.

I no longer suffer from acne since I started consistently using a face brush.

I am a believer for life and would highly recommend that you try it too!


My Makeup removing routine goes a little something like this:

That’s really all I do to take off all my makeup and cleanse my skin. Whenever I am not wearing makeup I usually skip the NOXZEMA and the olive oil and I just use my cleanser and spin brush to clean my face.


These are the products I use to get rid of hyperpigmentation:

Ponds Clarant B3 Cream (here)

Makeup Artist Choice Micro Polish (here)

30% Vitamin C serum (here)

40% Mandelic Acid Peel  (here)

15% Salicylic acid peel (here)


Moisturize routine to get rid of hyperpigmentation

After I cleanse my skin I will use the Ponds Clarant  B3 Anti-Dark Spot Correcting Cream (for Normal To Oily Skin).

Having tried so many fading creams I really like this one because it has no hydroquinone and does not clog my pores.

Plus it’s hypoallergenic and perfect for my oily-combination skin.

I alternate between the Ponds cream and Vitamin C serum and I find that this works best to fade dark spots on my skin. This is what I do at night to moisturize my skin.



Now onto the daytime…

For my daytime moisturizer I use the Garnier SkinActive Clearly Brighter Lotion. The Garnier lotion is oil free and has SPF 30 and I use it all year around.

It has Vitamin C for more radiant, even-toned and glowing skin.

I do not use regular sunscreen because it breaks me out and I find that its super oily (on top of my already oily skin).

This lotion has SPF without all the extreme oilyness and that dreaded white cast that regular sunscreen usually gives off. It also does not break me out!



Once a week and usually on weekends I will use the 40% Mandelic acid peel all over my face and leave it on for 8 minutes maximum.

Mandelic acid has really helped me to fade hyperpigmentation over the years.

I really like it because it doesn’t sting as much as other peels and works really well for darker skin tones.

It leaves my skin looking more even and it feels so soft!



To avoid hormonal breakouts…

A week before that time of month I use the 15% Salicylic aid peel to prevent breakouts (I leave it on for 6 minutes).

It usually works like a charm and most times I only get one pimple and not multiple zits like I used to have before.

* If you use chemical peels your skin will peel and flake to a certain extent. I highly recommend the Makeup Artist Choice Micro Polish because it really helps to fade dark marks and it sloughs off the dead and flaky skin (YES!). Do not over-exfoliate your skin. I use the micro polish only two times a week.


There you have it, the clear skincare routine I regularly use to fade dark marks on my skin.

Having a consistent skincare routine is very important and I have noticed a big change.

My dark spots have  faded a whole lot and my skin looks more even and much softer.

I have also noticed that I have been able to significantly get rid of my skin texture and even at times that I wear makeup my skin looks waaaay better.

I have even had both men and women complement me on how great my skin looks!

All the skincare products that I am using to get rid of acne and dark skin discolorations are non irritating and have no hydroquinone.

Do you have hyperpigmentation or acne? Let me know what has worked for you!