11 Places to Find Free Feminine Styled Stock Photos For Bloggers

11 Places to Find Free Feminine Styled Stock Photos For Bloggers

When I first started this blog free stock photos really came in handy. I didn’t have much of a budget in terms of buying extra graphics and photos etc. -so finding royalty free images online was a much needed thing.

You don’t have to settle if you are on a budget and looking for free stock images these days! Back in the day if stock images were free they were usually cheap looking, basic, and not well styled.

If you can’t justify spending money on stock photos (just yet), there are stock websites that offer free high quality images for your project, blog or brand.

I recommend that you sign up for as many of these stock photo websites as you can so that you can maximize the number of photos you will be able to get (shameless…I know).


Why should you use styled stock photos?

It takes alot of time to style, shoot and edit your own photos!

Sometimes styling, shooting and editing photos can take hours and even an ENTIRE DAY!

You can use that time to do other tasks such as: SEO, Pinterest scheduling, course creation, eBook writing etc.

Your time is important and when you use styled stock photos you avoid the time suck that comes with styling, shooting and editing your own photos.


What are you waiting for? It’s time to step up your blogging & Pinterest game.

Spruce up your Instagram and revamp your blog (and brand) with high quality free styled stock photos!

Below are a few of the places where you can find copyright free images online for your blog or small business.


Please note: Some of the free stock photos featured here may require an attribute to the source, while others might not.

Please make sure to read the license/usage requirements before you use the images!


The Best Places To Find Free Feminine Styled Stock Photos:


1) Ivory Mix


Kayla at Ivory Mix does an awesome job when it comes to classy, feminine styled stock photos. There are some months where Ivory Mix has sent out over 70 free stock photos in one month!

You get access to new images each and every month and the best thing is all the photos are royalty free so you can use them for your own branding and for commercial use .

All you have to do is subscribe to Kayla’s e-mail list! -I am subscribed to this list and I can totally vouch for her (she won’t spam you with endless annoying emails).

If you are looking for a more premium option there is also a paid annual VIP membership that works out to $10/month.

Make sure to check out Ivory Mix if you are looking for free feminine style stock photos.


2) She Bold Stock


Jasmine’s gorgeous free stock photos are geared toward women who want to get noticed, stand out online, and take their blogs/businesses to the next level. I was absolutely impressed with the freebies!! Seriously… I mean WOOOOOW!

She Bold Stock has you covered and will not disappoint! With the free option, you get up to 50+ free (very good quality) stock photos when you click over to the ‘Freebies‘ section of her website (located at the bottom menu of her webpage).

Choose the images you want based on your branding such as: Feminine ( pastel colors) , classy, quirky, boho etc.

You can score the freebies over here.


3) Girl Boss Stock


When you join Girl Boss Stock, Megan will send you 10 free stock images each month that you can use for your blog or business.

Grow your social media following on Instagram and Pinterest with these high quality eye catching photos.

People like seeing pretty pictures and you can do that with Girl Boss Stock!

Soooooo….If you are searching for girly, feminine stock photos for your lifestyle or fashion blog the photos offered by Girl Boss Stock are geared towards these niches!

You can get these awesome feminine styled stock photos here.


4) SC Stock Shop


You can’t be out here in the online world looking all amateur-ish especially when it comes to your brand.

The quality and style of photos that you use for your blog/business matters and you want your brand to be seen in the best light.

Lauren Conrad, The Every Girl, The Knot, Vogue Wedding etc. all use/have used SC Stock Shop for their stock photos.

The good news is, Shay offers 20 quality stock photos that you can use to start! For FREE!

Once you optin to the email list you can download all 20 photos instantly. If you stay on the email list, you Shay will send you a few free stock images every month!

Go ahead and help yourself to these gorgeous styled stock images.


5) The Stock Boutique

Get free curated and styled feminine stock photos for your blog and business in this elegant boutique. You will need to sign up for the newsletter in order to access your free stock photos!


6) Deposit Photos 


If you are looking for stock photos for your editorial project Deposit Photos offers a few free stock photos every month.

Deposit Photos doesn’t have as many images as other sites mentioned on here but they do update the images they offer each month.

The pictures are more basic and not styled like I usually prefer -but they are free so I am not complaining!

Get the collection of free images here.


6) Helen In Between  Get 5 free stock photos for your blog when you sign up to her mailing list. If you are a girl boss looking for styled photos that you can use on your blog these are perfect. You can get the images here

7.  Gold and Berry – Sasha from Gold and Berry gives away a good amount of free girly stock images on her blog, so make sure to check them out!

8. Pexels – I find really good quality images on Pexels and they have a huge selection of free stock photos so absolutely check them out!

9.) A Prettier Web – Mel offers gorgeous styled images on her website and you can get 7 free images.

10.) Pixlr – This is a photo editor that I really like for editing photos. You can also find free stock pictures inside the photo editing app!

11. ) Create Her Stock Check out this website for lifestyle photos. They offer a free 180 image bundle for new users!


I didn’t want to overwhelm you with a bunch of stock websites so I decided to list just a few of the ones I like and have used.

Please share this post on Pinterest if you found it useful!

If you have other websites to add to the list, please feel free to mention them in the comment section below!

That’s all for today! Enjoy  =)