11 Easy Ways To Save More Money Starting Today

11 Easy Ways To Save More Money Starting Today

Nowadays there are so many financial experts selling books, holding seminars, webinars etc. Most of the money advice they give is good and some of it has helped people to get out of debt.

However, -I do not necessarily agree with all of the financial experts out there (but that is a whole other story and a whole other blog post).

Life can be hard and even if you have the best intentions you can still make money mistakes.

Regular everyday people who dig themselves out of bad financial situations are so inspiring to see.

It’s also important to remember that as tough as life can get it is not impossible.

It is possible to save money and also pay off your debt.

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Below is some advice I put together on how to make and save money in your daily life.

1. Pay cash for everything if you can. Handing over your hard earned cash makes you feel the pain of parting with it. You will avoid going into debt if you can just limit the use of credit cards all together. If you have to use a credit card, use a pre-paid one.

2. Shop around for auto-insurance. Don’t just settle for the first auto insurance company you find. Take a look around and get some quotes from other companies. Compare before you choose one.

3. If your internet bill is too high, call your internet service provider. See if there’s any way to lower your bill. Sometimes if you threaten to go to the competitor they might work with you to lower your monthly cost (it doesn’t hurt to try!).

4. Use eBates ! I always kick myself every time I shop without them. You can get cash back for your online purchases from major retailers such as Walmart, Amazon, Macy’s, Dell, Overstock etc.

5. Shop for seasonal supplies during the off season. For example, you should shop for Christmas decorations when it’s not yet Christmas season, Easter when it’s not Easter etc.

6. Find a second job or a side hustle if you have debt that you need to pay off or if you want to build up a savings. Paying off your debt will be much easier if have disposable income.

7. Coupons! -Make use of them. If you are buying anything online such as makeup, plugins, software, web hosting etc. I no longer spend my time searching for coupons online. Save yourself the trouble and use the Honey App! It scrapes the internet for EVERY coupon and applies the coupons to your shopping cart.

8. Shop consignment/thrift stores. You can find gently used toys, clothes, books etc. all in really good shape!- I have found some really cool books and even some awesome paintings and home decor by shopping at consignment stores! Make sure you go to the shops on the better side of town.

9. Spend less cash on your oil change by going online. I usually get around $10 off my oil change by printing out coupons I find online. Just search for the place you get your oil change and then put “coupon” at the end of your search term!

10. Shop off season when it comes to clothes. For example, buy your winter clothes in the spring and your summer clothes too. If there’s a winter coat you’ve been eyeing down, buy it off season, (there’s a chance that it will be on sale)!

11. Have a no spending week. Challenge yourself to not spend money on things such as clothes, shoes, eating out etc. for one or two weeks every month. You will be surprised by how much money you will save in the long run by doing this.

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What are some of your favorite money saving tips? Please feel free to share I would love to know.

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