DIY Gold Leaf Ikea Furniture Hack On The VITTSJÖ Nesting Tables

DIY Gold Leaf Ikea Furniture Hack On The VITTSJÖ Nesting Tables

IKEA furniture can sometimes look really plain and generic (it doesn’t have to be!). The good news is you can change the look of any of the items you buy from there with a few simple IKEA furniture hacks. Today I will be walking you through my furniture makeover to show you what you can do with yours! There are so many things you can do to transform your home decor and make it more unique to yourself and your personality.

My hope is that you get some ideas for your own home decor DIY that you can carry out! It doesn’t have to be the same exact project I am showing you. Just think of all the possibilities to upgrade the look of any furniture you buy!


Enter my love affair with gold leaf…


There’s something about the look of gold leaf that I really like. It’s regal without looking gaudy and tacky – plus the older it gets, the better and more expensive it looks!

Two years ago I took on a project with the IKEA VITTSJÖ nesting tables. I decided after seeing someone else spray paint their own set to go on ahead and gold leaf mine!

Why did I choose to gold leaf  instead of spray painting? As much as it would have been waaaay easier to spray paint I decided to take on this DIY as a project (and booooy was it a PROJECT!). I really like the look of gold leaf, the gold looks more vibrant (not just one flat color like when its spray painted) – plus with gold leaf the older it gets the more vintage and heirloom-like it looks! That is why I decided to go with the gold leaf instead of spray paint.



Gold leaf sheets ( here is my favorite kind )

Elmers Spray Adhesive ( here )

or you can use the brush-on Metal leaf adhesive ( here )

Speedball Mona Lisa water-based sealer ( here )

Patience (tons of patience will be required!)


I used alot of gold leaf sheets, I say just get around 300 to be on the safe side. My favorite shade is the champagne gold I do not like the look of  the super orange yellow gold as it can tend to look a bit too gaudy.



1. Start by cleaning the furniture remove dust and also take off the glass tops (you do not want gold leaf on the glass).

2. Start by spraying the adhesive at least 2 inches from the table.

3. Wait at least 10 seconds before placing the gold leaf onto the surface of the table (if the adhesive isn’t tacky your gold leaf will not stick properly it will turn into one hot mess!)

4. Apply sealant (this will prevent the gold leaf flecks from flaking all over your house!)

5. Allow the table to sit for around 24 hours before you put back the glass tops or use the table.


* This project took me about 4 days to finish. All you need is some patience but the end result is sooo worth it! I still have my table to this day and it looks better with time. The only thing I will have to stress is pleas apply sealant to avoid the gold from flaking and everything should be good!


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