13 Fluffy DIY Slime Recipes You Have To Try

13 Fluffy DIY Slime Recipes You Have To Try

Slime seems to be EVERYWHERE I look these days from DIY bloggers, mommy bloggers to YouTubers slime is definitely something that many people are trying out. It’s fun to make, it’s squishy and very satisfying to play with and look at.

On another note, I can barely find Elmer’s glue in stores these days. Hmmmm….I finally figured it out, everybody is making slime!

Slime is not just for children. I repeat. Slime does not discriminate and it does not have an age limit. Anybody has the right to play around with slime. It’s fun. So go ahead and have fun! Try the slime recipes I found below!


Butter Slime


Butter is fluffy and soft but it’s meant to eat and not play with. Have fun with this butter slime recipe. Satisfying to make with the key ingredient being fine clay.

Get the instructions at: Tater Tots and Jello


Snow Slime



Just in time for the colder winter  months. This snowman slime recipe is something the whole family will enjoy.

Get the instructions at: Little Bins For Little Hands


Sandy Slime (No Borax)

If you are looking for  a fun slime recipe that is also Borax free you might want to give this textured sandy slime recipe a go!

Get the instructions at: Mom Dot


Unicorn Slime


Unicorns are such beautiful and mythical creatures. Bring on the magic with this unicorn DIY slime recipe. Perfect for themed parties and simple enough to make for all ages.

Get the Instructions at: The Best Ideas For Kids


Galaxy Slime



Constellations have always been super cool to me. Bring the galaxies to you with this creative and easy galaxy slime recipe. This one is definitely a must try.

Get the instructions at: Happy Go Lucky


Soda Pop Slime (Borax Free )


If you are looking for a no glue, no borax, no contact solution slime recipe, this soda pop slime recipe is just perfect. Colorful and super easy to make this recipe is perfect for all ages.

Get the instructions at: One Savvy Mom


Glitter Slime


This recipe will show you how to make perfect slime with just the right consistency. If you want to start making slime, Katie will show you how to make it right.

Get the instructions at: Preschool Inspirations


Fluffy Slime


Ahhhhh the satisfaction of playing around with fluffy slime. This kind of slime is the most satisfying and fun to handle. Fluffy slime is how I imagine playing on an actual cloud would be like (if only clouds were solid and super fluffy).

Get the instructions at: Sugar Spice and Glitter


No Mess Slime Recipe (Great for Kids )


Making slime can be very messy (especially when kids are involved). This mess free slime recipe is perfect for beginners and children. Minimize the mess and cleanup and still have fun making slime!

Get the instructions at: Kinder Craze


Bright Yellow Slime (No Borax)


Summer doesn’t have to be here for you to play around with color. If you are looking for a Borax free slime recipe. Try this yellow slime recipe and add some color to your crafts.

Get the instructions at: My Frugal Adventures


Pastel Fluffy Slime


Fluffy slime is a fast favorite to many people. Try this pastel color fluffy slime recipe! All you need are three simple ingredients.

Get the instructions at: Landee Lu


Ocean Slime


Go deep sea with this ocean slime recipe. Very neat how this mimics the sea. You do not have to wait for summer to make ocean slime!

Get the instructions at: Schooling a Monkey


Color Changing Thermo Slime


Slime that changes color! How awesome is that?! This is a super cool slime recipe that you will definitely want to try.

Get the instructions at: Left Brain Craft Brain


You can make so many different kinds of slime. This is why it’s so much fun to make. If you are wondering how to make slime all you have to do is try and see what works for you!

Have you made slime before? Feel free to share your favorite slime recipe below.