13 Bullet Journal Layout Ideas You Can Use To Get Organized

13 Bullet Journal Layout Ideas You Can Use To Get Organized

Let me just say I love planning and today I want to talk about something exciting: Bullet journal spreads and ideas that you can use as layouts for your own journaling.  If you fail to plan you plan to fail. These words by Benjamin Franklin are soooo true. In my opinion, planning is similar to having a map. You are more likely to get to where you are want to go if you have a map or know how to get there. In order to be more productive you absolutely need a plan.

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There is power in the written word. I always write things down nowadays. No excuses. Anytime I do not write something down, I usually end up forgetting to do it!


Keeping a bullet journal can help you to plan your tasks, organize your thoughts and keep a record of your best ideas.


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I found some awesome bullet journal layout ideas that you can use to get started with your own daily planner!



1. Kara @boho.berry




2. Stephanie @scrubs n coffee




3. Sara @Mylittlejournalblog




4. A Hayden @craftyenginerd




5. Into Simple @_intosimple




6. Ursala @honeyrozes




7. Mary Nazar @marynazar




8. Ursala @honeyrozes




9. Liz @bonjournal




10. Ashlyn @nittany_bujo




11. Federica @feebjulo




12. Roberta @qualcosadierre




13. Rainbow Bujo @rainbow.bujo



If you are struggling with bullet journal layouts and are wanting to get some ideas, I hope the above examples will help you out.

Doing things on purpose to get to where you want to be in your life is very important. The people who succeed in life (including very successful entrepreneurs and bloggers) do not do so by accident. People who do amazing things in their lives are purposeful about it and plan for it.

Ever since I started writing things down, I can say with 100% certainty that my life is better as a result. Journaling has helped me to get organized, stay organized and I do not procrastinate as often!

By keeping a regular journal I say with confidence that I no longer feel lost compared to the times where I never journaled or bothered to write down anything. It’s something I will be doing for a very long time.


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