The 13 Best Udemy Courses for Bloggers Who Want To Make Money

The 13 Best Udemy Courses for Bloggers Who Want To Make Money


Do you sometimes wonder how this blogging thing works and if you can even make money with a blog? Starting a blog can be a bit overwhelming (I’m speaking from experience). I wish I knew that you could take courses to improve your skills as a blogger. But lo and behold, you can! The great thing is you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on these courses.


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You can take courses online without breaking the bank. One really good place is It’s an online marketplace where students and teachers gather to learn and teach. The best thing about is that its very budget friendly. If you have a skill that you can teach, it’s also a good place to make some side-income. As an instructor/teacher you can show others how to do stuff too!

Today I want to share a list of the top Udemy courses for bloggers who want to make money blogging. Why did I decide to do this? When I started my blogging journey a long time ago, I failed so much because I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off. There was just too much information on the internet and I was going from one website to the next one trying to find information. As a result, I ended up wasting alot of time!

As someone who has used Udemy in the past (and continue to use it), I put together this carefully chosen list of courses so that you can at least pick and choose based on what you want to learn that month/day!


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The Top 10 Udemy Courses for Bloggers Who Want To Make Money


1. 2017 Blog Blueprint: How To Turn Blogging Into A Career


Perfect if you: Want to learn how you can make a full time living from blogging.


Get more information at Udemy


Learn how to:

Build a beautiful looking blog

Grow your e-mail list

Create a stunning blog

Make 6 figures and more with your blog

Use different income streams for your blog

Get traffic to your blog

Find the best images for your blog

Use Facebook to get traffic to your blog

Apply social media strategies to grow your blog and build a following

How to create articles that get people reading


Sticker Price: $200

Instructor: Mr Daniel Boehm

Social Proof: 738 reviews, 4.5-stars, 9,740 students


Sample Review: “The information in the course has great value. The instructor gives both basic information and pro tips to success. There are no shady tricks, just real strategies for short and long term success. The pacing is excellent, video and voice quality is high. I plan to watch it a few times to learn everything by heart!”



2. Blogging To Freedom: Create Your Independence With Blogging


Perfect if: You want to turn your blog into a full time business and leave your 9-5.


Get more information at Udemy


Learn how to:

How to install a WordPress website and go live

How to partner with other bloggers for business

Build a connection with your audience

Setup a professional email address

How to Go from $0 to $60,0000+ revenue

Escape your cubicle or day job

How to setup a blog as a long term business


Sticker Price: $205

Instructor: Kraig Mathias

Social Proof: 101 reviews, 4.2-stars, 18,247 students


Sample Reviews: “The course has very useable content and an inspiring interview with a freelance writer and blogger who is still progressing in her career while making a substantial income.

The 7 Steps Ebook is a great help as it lists the steps you need to take to begin this journey.”



3. Instagram Marketing: A Step-By-Step to 10,000 Real Followers


Perfect if: Instagram is something you want to get better at in terms of engagement, followers and making money.


Get more information at Udemy


Learn how to:

Get real and targeted followers on Instagram

How to get your followers to visit your blog

The best times to post on Instagram

Choosing the best username/handle

How to optimize your Instagram bio

Finding your target audience with hashtags

Ways to promote yourself to your target audience

Turn your Instagram followers into paying customers

How to put together your content on Instagram


Sticker Price: $205

Instructor: Benjamin Wilson

Social Proof: 1,638 reviews, 4.5-stars, 13,343 students


Sample reviews: “Everything was great on here I gained 40 followers within the first day. The only thing I have issues with is some of the apps recommended no longer exist.”



4. The Complete SEO Course – Rank Your Website In Google Easily


Perfect if: SEO is something you want to learn so that you can get visitors to your blog.


Get more information at Udemy


Learn how to:

Find your target audience for your blog

How to create natural backlinks

Basic WordPress SEO settings

How to submit your website to search engines so they can find you

Keyword research to find the best keywords to rank in Google

The right keyword density for your blog posts

Nofollow and Nofollow links

On-page and off-page SEO

How to use Google Analytics to improve your SEO


Sticker Price: $55

Instructor: Abdul Wali

Social Proof: 582 reviews, 4.3-stars, 8,972 students


Sample reviews: “Great course, learnt so many things about SEO. Course content looks bit a old, but still most of the things can be related to current SEO market scenario.”



5. Pinterest: Increase Website Traffic With Images


Perfect if: Getting more traffic to your blog is important.


Get more information at Udemy


Learn how to:

Create a professional looking Pinterest account

Get more traffic to your blog with  Pinterest

How to find the best images for your Pinterest account

How to use Pinterest so that you get found by Google, Bing and Yahoo


Sticker Price: $30

Instructor: Lisa Irby

Social Proof: 51 reviews, 4.9-stars, 1,602 students


Sample reviews: Nothing was held back. Lots of nuggets of information and I thought it was very well presented. Well done !!!”



6. A Lifestyle/Fashion Enthusiast’s Guide to Blogging by Mimi G


Perfect if: Fashion blogging is your niche and you want to learn how you can take your blog to the next level.


Get more information at Udemy


Learn how to:

Create a successful fashion blog

Brand your blog

Make money from your blog

Market and promote your blog

Post content that people will read

Find your blogging voice and style

Fashion blogging photography do’s and don’t s


Sticker Price: $40

Instructor: Mimi Goodwin

Social Proof: 262 reviews, 4.7-stars, 1,766 students


Sample reviews: Great content and lots of information. As a visual person, I would have appreciated a few visual items. For example a draft of a one page media kit, comparisons of some photos that you have taken (good quality vs. poor quality), maybe some snippets of you in action etc. at some points, I just felt like I kept looking for that image and or footage to go with what you were speaking on. Otherwise, it was great and I learnt some new things! Thanks Mimi G!”



7. Social Media Marketing 2017 – Learn PPC on 10+ Platforms


Perfect if: Advertising on social media with paid ads is something you want to learn about. You have a product you are selling or want more fans to you social media accounts.



Get more information at Udemy


Learn how to:

Master advertising on the most popular social media platforms ( Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, Google+)

Make money from social media

Using Web 2.0 to improve your blog’s SEO

Setup Pinterest promoted pins

Create high quality ads on social media

Use Google+ for SEO and blog traffic


Sticker Price: $125

Instructor: Justin O’Brien

Social Proof: 1,477  reviews, 4.5-stars, 15,084 students


Sample reviews: “Thanks, this is one of the best Udemy courses I have bought. Lots of content. I now understand a lot better how social media works and also have a lot of practical resources to go back to as I execute my social media strategy.”



8. Blogging: Discover How I Increased My Blog Traffic By 500%


Perfect if: Growing your blog traffic and getting more people to read it is something you want!


Get more information at Udemy


Learn how to:

Use social media to get quality traffic to your blog (Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Google+ etc.)

Get consistent traffic to your blog

Use contests and other marketing tactics

Strategies to keep readers on your blog longer

Create a marketing schedule for traffic

Get targeted high quality traffic to your site

Find influencers that can help you get traffic


Sticker Price: $205

Instructor: Scrembo Scrembo

Social Proof: 11 reviews, 4.8-stars, 712 students


Sample reviews: “The best blog promotion strategies I ever seen. Good audio quality and video I like he shows up and not hiding sometimes he does front of camera videos that is very engaging. Great course overall with useful and functional strategies.”



9. The Lightroom CC + 6 Made Easy, Taught by a Pro Photographer


Perfect if: You want to take your photo editing skills to the next level and up your photography quality.


Get more information at Udemy


Learn how to:

Use Lightroom in 1 day

Edit like a pro in Lightroom

Add pretty presets and transform your photos

Add keywords to your images and be found by search engines

Use collections and smart collections

Organize your photos for faster editing

Create a photo book in Lightroom

…and so much more!


Sticker Price: $105

Instructor: Chris Parker

Social Proof: 144 reviews, 4.9-stars, 2,257 students


Sample reviews: “I’ve found this course clear, easy to follow and with lots of valuable information. I’ve really appreciated each small tip, and if I can give a developmental feedback, that would definitely be to add suggestions here and there.For all those who want to discover and understand Lightroom, I strongly recommend it!”



10. Apple Final Cut Pro X Tutorial Video – Infinite Skills


Perfect if: Making your own high quality video content is something you want to do in addition to blogging.


Get more information at Udemy


Learn how to:

Edit like a professional in Final Cut Pro X

Get a handle of all the Final Cut Pro X features

Add effects and create beautiful videos easily

Create events and projects

Import and export video into Final Cut

Separate audio and video


Sticker Price: $55

Instructor: Infinite Skills

Social Proof: 72 reviews, 4.4-stars, 1,269 students


Sample reviews:I’ve used Final Cut Pro 6 over ten years and was reluctant to change. However, after taking this course I purchased Final Cut X and have not regretted the move. Course was very informational and easy to understand. Thank you.”



11. The Complete iMovie Course – from Beginner to Advanced


Perfect if: Final cut Pro X is not something you are ready to invest in just yet and want to lean how to use the iMovie that comes with your Mac.


Get more information at Udemy


Learn how to:

Use the iMovie interface and customize it to your liking

Edit video and movies using iMovie

Import and export video

Organize media, projects, events etc.

Adjust video resolution

Adding transitions and changing transition lengths

Split screen and other effects

Adding photos & overlays to your video


Sticker Price: $100

Instructor: Rafi Saar

Social Proof: 89 reviews, 4.6-stars, 928 students


Sample reviews: This is exactly the course I was looking for: a step by step guide for iMovie to take me from beginner to advanced. Thanks for putting together such a great, well thought out course. I’m really enjoying it and can’t wait to start making my own films!”



12. Build and Monetize a List: Email List Building from Scratch


Perfect if: Making money and building a relationship with your blog visitors and subscribers is important to you. If you want to turn your blog into a full time gig, this is a course you need to take!


Get more information at Udemy


Learn how to:

Build an email list (duh)

Make money with your list

Create an opt-in form that converts

Use YouTube to get more email subscribers

Write emails that your list will actually open

Collect emails from your Facebook , Twitter followers & YouTube subscribers

Create your own e-book as a lead-magnet


Sticker Price: $160

Instructor: Theo McArthur

Social Proof: 17 reviews, 4.8-stars, 291 students


Sample reviews: “Theo takes her time to inform and to make things as clear as is possible. Her communication comes across as credible. Her credibility is reflected in the support level she gives to her students. I have only just began this course but so far it is worth the investment.”



13. Build a Successful Blog: Traffic & Monetization Level 2


Perfect if: You want to learn how you can get quality traffic to your blog and monetize your audience.



Get more information at Udemy


Learn how to:

Get traffic to your blog from different sources

Find the best affiliate programs and products for your blog

Make money with the Amazon affiliate program

Make money with your blog by using methods that work

Setup your blog for more visitors

Use social media to get traffic to your blog


Sticker Price: $115

Instructor: Theo McArthur

Social Proof: 36 reviews, 4.6-stars, 480 students


Sample reviews: “Provides a wealth of information and instruction on how to analyze and monetarize your blog in a clear and easy to follow way. Very Good”


More: Create a WordPress blog in just 9 easy steps
















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