5 Best Personalized Daily Planners for 2020

5 Best Personalized Daily  Planners for 2020

It’s a new year and it’s time to shop for a new daily planner for the upcoming year!

Personally I really like the anticipation and the possibilities that comes with a fresh new year.

I enjoy writing down all the things that I want to do and accomplish.

Having a selection of personalized daily planners is a much needed thing.


Why do you need a daily planner ?

Well…Sometimes life gets busy and if you are like me then you know that if you don’t write anything down then it simply will not get done.

The good thing is there’s all kinds of journals for those of us who can sometimes be forgetful but also like to stay organized (contradicting I know).

If you keep a day planner and you want to get more done this new year then you are in the right place.

I put together a list of the best planners to help you stress less, get more done and stay organized this year.


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5 Best Personalized Daily Planners

1. Day Designer

Be focused and productive with the new 2019 Day Designer daily planner.

Designed with aesthetics and the end user in mind this planner is perfect for you whether you are a mom, a college student or a full time career woman.

You can get plan your days with the bestselling palm design or other available colors over at Day Designer.



2. Purple Trail

Customize your daily planner to suit your everyday needs and planning style.

At Purple Trail you can create your very own unique custom planner from start to finish by using their online design tools.

If you are looking to make a uniquely designed journal that is all yours, -then Purple Trail Planners are definitely worth checking out.

Their journals are popular for a reason!



3. Etsy

Are you looking for a full on selection of  daily planners, bullet journals, inserts stamps, separators, pens etc. ? Then ETSY is a good place to start.

There are so many beautiful journals that you can use to schedule your day to day activities and commitments.

You can find Journal accessories such as: journal covers, discs, page finders etc.

If you are looking to build your journal piece by piece from the cover to the kind of paper, disc etc. then Etsy is a good place to start.

Check out all the different personalized journals on Etsy for this upcoming year.

You can find the purple one listed below (here)


4.Erin Corden

Personalize your own journal with the Erin Corden LifePlanner.

You can choose between two different color schemes and over 100 cover designs.

Managing your life should be fun and organizing your activities does not have to be a drab and boring thing!

You can even customize the cover with your own name with this journal.


 5. Daily Greatness

Each page on the Daily Greatness journal has a space for a daily gratitude entry.

With this journal you don’t necessarily get to create the design yourself but in my opinion the journal itself has been customized to fit a busy life style.

If you have alot going on such as: fitness goals, running a business, taking care of a household, travel etc. then the Daily Greatness Journal is a  quality choice.

Are you a busy goal setter also in touch with your spiritual side? Then this one’s for you.

Honorary Mention

Emily Ley Planners

I mean… Emily Ley planners and journals are soooo beautiful!

I couldn’t just do a whole post about planners and casually not mention them!

How could you not plan your day when your journal is as pretty as the ones found at Emily Ley?!

Busy women with ever changing schedules can really benefit from the minimal design of the journal’s pages and be motivated to plan with the gorgeous cover design.

If you want to get one for yourself and give one as a gift, – the Emily Ley planners make for an excellent gift especially during the holiday season.

Personalized daily planners are great for people with busy schedules.

One size does not fit all and no two people’s schedules are exactly the same.

If you are looking to be more organized, stop procrastinating and reach your goals in the new year, -then planning ahead is a must.

Having a journal will help you to plan your daily life and when you are more organized you tend to handle stress better! I learned this from experience.


You can find more daily planners on Esty and if you are looking for bullet journals, -they have a huge selection of journals ans supplies!

It’s never too late to get organized so that you can get more of your goals completed!


What is your favorite thing about daily planners? Do you have a go-to journal?