5 Affordable Blogging Courses That Are Worth It (No Need to Sell a Kidney)

5 Affordable Blogging Courses That Are Worth It (No Need to Sell a Kidney)

Do you really need to buy the most expensive blogging course in order to make money as a blogger? Heck NO! There’s this assumption I sometimes get from the online blogging world that you need to re-mortgage your house (or sell a kidney) in order to afford the most hyped blogging course if you want to even stand a chance to make money with your blog! This couldn’t be further from the truth! As a matter of fact you don’t need to spend hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on an online course if you want to start a money making blog.


What makes a course worth investing in ?

A good blogging course is a course (or eBook) that gives you lots of value and opens up your eyes to techniques and things that you didn’t already know. Quality training is supposed to expose you to fresh and valuable information that isn’t easily found for free online.

The point of taking a course is get value out of it so that you can do better with your blog. An investment is something that you do (in the meantime) so that you can set yourself up for future success. Investing in a quality course is very important if you want to level up in life and in your business.


Why should you invest in a blogging course?

When you take a blogging course you essentially take a short cut and learn from people who have already been where you want to be. Experienced bloggers have already made the mistakes (that you are also likely to make yourself), – plus you can get to where you want to be faster if you can avoid making a few wrong turns. I don’t know about you but I would rather learn from other people’s mistakes than make my own. It’s a win-win if you ask me!

 Do not be afraid to invest in yourself. When I first started my blog I found it VERY hard to spend my money and pay for any kind of online training. Pay for an online course? pffft! Me? What? Nope. – Not in a million years! I thought that I would instead save my money and learn from all the free information on YouTube and Google. Why pay for a course when I could get all the information I needed for free?!


So off I went, stubborn as a goat…determined to graduate from the free .99 university of blogging.

 I dug through thousands of  articles on Google and watched countless videos on YouTube. Slowly but surely, I became overwhelmed. My brain was sooo scattered and I was all over the place. I could not concentrate and felt soooo lost ! The free information that I was finding was not organized and I badly needed structure and organization so that I could focus on one thing at a time. Needless to say my plan to educate myself about blogging did not work at all.


I saved up some money and bought myself a pricey blogging course (I shelled out a little bit over $1100) and while it was very well worth it (it has really helped me to gain traction with my blog), – I do not think that it’s necessary for you to spend as much as I did on an online course.


Why should you invest in a blogging course?

  • Everything is organized all in one place
  • You get to learn from experts who have a proven track record of success
  • Information is strategic and actionable!
  • There is proof that it works from the testimonials of the course takers and the course creator


You do not need to spend a mortgage payment for a blogging course (especially when you’re just starting out). You can still succeed online by taking a budget friendly course. A good budget friendly course that is under $200 can sometimes offer you just as much value as a course that might cost over a thousand dollars.

The blogging resources mentioned below are budget friendly, well organized and has very actionable steps and strategies that you can apply right away to start making more money with your blog.


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The Best Blogging Course for Bloggers


 Without further delay…


1. Pinterest Ninja – $59.99

 There are so many Pinterest courses online these days but if I had to vouch for one course that has really worked in helping me to get traffic to my Pinterest page (and to my blog), I would have to say Pinterest Ninja has made a HUGE difference for me.

This eBook has been soooo amazing in helping me to grow my blog traffic and Pinterest views! Even though I have already gone through the entire eBook, to this day, I still regularly refer to it for Pinterest traffic strategies.  This eBook is the reason why I went from barely scraping 40K monthly views to now 200K+ and growing. Check out my Pinterest profile here for proof.

The thing I really like about this course is that it’s affordable and very detailed with actionable ways you can implement to get more blog traffic. I learned quite a few new things about Pinterest that I have yet to find anywhere else.

With this eBook you will learn things such as:

  • How to do proper keyword research
  • How to design high converting pins
  • Ways to grow your email list with Pinterest and so much more!

The eBook starts at $59.99 USD for  the bundle that includes the course and the Pinterest profile audit. If you want the course, eBook and the profile audit there’s another bundle for $89.99 USD. I just went with the $59.99 bundle and that’s all you really need.

 Seeing as most Pinterest courses sell for over $197 to start, this one is affordable and definitely one you can’t miss out on. If you want to start getting more traffic to your blog, you can check out Pinterest Ninja for more information. If you had to take one course from this entire list! This one is a winner.


2. Making Pinterest Possible  – $35

 Do you want to get thousands of visitors to your blog each month? I would strongly recommend buying both the Pinterest Ninja and Making Pinterest Possible since both eBooks contain different (but very valuable information) on Pinterest strategies. Inside Making Pinterest Possible you will find more information on ways to get more traffic to your Pinterest profile. I found the eBook to be well organized and it gives you the different steps that you can take to get more traffic to your blog too!

 The tips and strategies mentioned in the eBook are easy to understand and implement. Even if you are new to Pinterest this eBook starts off with the basics so it’s definitely newbie-friendly. You will learn things such as: Group board, how to use group board, how to optimize your images, how to improve your pin design and so much more! For $35 you can’t go wrong  and I am glad I bought this eBook.


3 & 4. Freelancer & Virtual Assistant-  $147 – $247

 You can use your blog as a way to pitch yourself to potential clients (if you want to make money as a freelance writer or virtual assistant). Writers and virtual assistants are in demand these days and you can make some very good money supplementing your income this way. If you have ever wondered how to become a virtual assistant or how to make money as a freelance writer you can get more information with the following course:

 30 Days to Freelance Writing Success – $147

You can expand your income stream by adding more ways to make money with your blog and freelancing is one of those ways to diversify your income. Many people who have taken the freelance writing and the virtual assistant courses have gone on to make good money and some of them are even doing this full time! Still don’t believe me? Take a look at the student success stories.


5. Blog Profits Blueprint – FREE to join !

 I remember coming across Yaro Stark when I first started looking for ways to make blogging (this was about 8 years ago)! Oh how time flies… – Back in those days I basically started things but never finished them so I never really got far with blogging and most of my blogs failed (big surprise there!). I am glad I learned from my mistakes and that’s all in the past now.

 If you want to start a blog the right way and especially if you are at that stage where you would like to create your own digital product then Yaro Stark’s Blog Profits Blueprint is worth a try. It’s free too! Some of his students are making $4000,  $30,000 and even $80,000+ a month!


Traffic is key

 If you want to make money, build your email list and collab with brands, then you know how important blog traffic is. In order to grow your blog you will need to drive more traffic to your blog posts (duh!). Pinterest can not only help you with your blog traffic, but it can also help you to get more people to your email list! I highly recommend working on your blog SEO while also driving traffic from Pinterest!


When all is said and done, being successful at anything in life (including blogging and making money) comes down to taking action. You have to go for it and be willing to not only learn, but to also apply the things that you learn. The best way to get to where you want faster is to learn from successful people Learn fromother people’s mistakes so that you can side step a few setbacks. Success is all about getting started, so why not start today!


Have you taken any of the courses mentioned above? Let me know what you think.

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