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27 Best Affordable Online Shopping Sites For Women on a Budget

A few years ago, I used to absolutely love going to the mall with my friends. We would plan to meetup and would turn shopping into a whole day excursion (big word I know). Shopping…

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9 Items You Can Sell to Make $1000 Fast

The struggle was REAL when I first started selling online. I lost alot of money. However, I learned from my mistakes, so do not get discouraged. You can sell stuff on the internet (legally) and…

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17 Places To Promote Your Blog After You Click Publish

The rule of thumb is, you must promote your blog posts after you have published them. There is a lot of noise on the internet nowadays. You have to work harder to get noticed and…

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11 Stylish & Affordable Sneakers for Women

I’m a girl and I like shoes. I like them in different styles and colors. Neutrals and white shades are my preference for the most part. White sneakers are tough for me to pass up.…

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10 Simple and Practical Productivity Tips For a Better Life

Some people make getting stuff done look so easy (if you are one of those people I kind of resent you). Just kidding of course. For the rest of us, it can seem like such…

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