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How To Upgrade and Change Your Life Starting Today

Imagine this, you walk across a beautiful empty lot.  The location is perfect complete with a beautiful sky-blue lake nearby. Gorgeous trees frame the outside of the lot. The scenery is something off a magazine.…

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11 Ways To Make An Extra $1000 Or More A Month

A few weeks ago, I was looking through some pictures of an apartment I used to live at 4 years ago.  There is something about looking at an old picture that brings back memories (both…

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Taking Stock – One

April was a good month for me. I am actually getting a handle on this blogging thing. My main goal as a content creator is to be more consistent (I’m reaaaaly working on it!). In…

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The Best DIY Face Mask For Removing Acne & Dark Spots

Breakouts suck and that’s a fact . My skin started breaking out when I went away to college for the very first time (imagine that). I had skipped teenage acne and instead had to deal…

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27 Best Affordable Online Shopping Sites For Women on a Budget

A few years ago, I used to absolutely love going to the mall with my friends. We would plan to meetup and would turn shopping into a whole day excursion (big word I know). Shopping…

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