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11 Easy Ways To Spend Less & Save More Money Starting Today

Nowadays there are so many financial experts selling books, holding seminars, webinars etc. Most of the advice they give is good and has helped many people to get out of debt. I however do not…

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13 Fun DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

The holidays are such a cozy and fun season, one of my favorite things to do during Christmas time is to spend time with family and friends, do arts and crafts or simply read a…

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Why I Quit Freelance Writing For Good

Quitting freelance writing was the best thing I did for myself in 2014. I quit being a freelance writer and I have no plans of going back. Why did I stop?  Freelance writing was just…

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11 Affordable Ways To Decorate Your Bedroom on a Budget

One of my favorite rooms in my house is my bedroom it’s a cozy place where I lay my head at night to sleep. I sometimes like to hang out and watch Netflix from under…

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13 Bullet Journal Layout Ideas You Can Use To Get Organized

Let me just say I love planning and today I want to talk about something exciting: Bullet journal spreads and ideas that you can use as layouts for your own journaling.  If you fail to…

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