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Taking Stock of 2017

Eeeeek! Only 2 more days to 2018! It’s madness how fast the year has gone by. 2017 was a year of growth for me. I felt that I really put down some strong roots in…

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11 Most Overrated Tourist Attractions In The World

Anytime you say vacation, people want to imagine a sandy beach, laying around all day drinking and doing a whole lot of nothing. While that can be a great vacation for a couple of days,…

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15 Ways To Wear Over The Knee Boots – Outfit Ideas

For those days when it’s too cold to wear open toed shoes or your favorite sneakers, over the knee boots are just right. Fall and winter is a really good time to try out the…

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29 Life Lessons That I Learned By 29

Wow the past 29 years have been both challenging and amazing. Of course some of those years were tough. From losing my older sister, moving to a new country and leaving all my childhood friends…

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17 Minimalist Home Decor Ideas For a Clutter Free House

I have always liked Scandinavian home decor. The Scandinavian way of decorating is minimal with neutral and monochrome colors with lots of plans (I absolutely love plants). Clean and clutter free is what I really…

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