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13 Things You Do That Make Your Life Toxic & Unhappy

Well I really wanted to get this post done the very first week of January since it was the beginning of the new year but to tell you the truth, I have been soooo busy!…

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13 Fluffy DIY Slime Recipes You Have To Try

Slime seems to be EVERYWHERE I look these days from DIY bloggers, mommy bloggers to YouTubers slime is definitely something that many people are trying out. It’s fun to make, it’s squishy and very satisfying…

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Taking Stock of 2017

Eeeeek! Only 2 more days to 2018! It’s madness how fast the year has gone by. 2017 was a year of growth for me. I felt that I really put down some strong roots in…

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11 Most Overrated Tourist Attractions In The World

Anytime you say vacation, people want to imagine a sandy beach, laying around all day drinking and doing a whole lot of nothing. While that can be a great vacation for a couple of days,…

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