17 Amazing Monthly Blog Income Reports That Will Inspire You

17 Amazing Monthly Blog Income Reports That Will Inspire You

So they say blogging is dead!? Ummmmm…I beg to differ. Blogging is definitely alive and well however, it has changed in a big way over the years. If you want to start a blog that makes money these days you will have to do things differently.

Long gone are the days when you could just throw up a short article and a few links and call it a day.  It takes more of an effort than that.

Blogging draws people from all walks of life and occupations. Every person has their own reasons as to why they started.

The purpose of this post is to show you what is possible (on a monetary level) with blogging. The following blog income reports are meant to inspire you to take action. Keep in mind that the bloggers mentioned in these reports are people just like you. The only difference is these people went the extra mile by treating their blogs as more of a business than a hobby.


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Ok let’s get on with it. A few of my favorite blog income reports to give you the kick you need to go for it!


1. Chasing Foxes – $19,889.04 (August 2017)


Silas and Grace are a couple who I really admire as role models. They went from broke to making 5 figures with their blog in less than eight months. In their second month of blogging, they got over 150,000 page views!!

The reason I really feel connected to Silas and Grace is how super determined they were to leave their miserable corporate and retail jobs behind in order to live the lives they really wanted.

Main source of income: Ads and affiliate sales

Both Silas and Grace blog full time and travel the world at their own time. They did this in less than 2 years!



2. Fit Financials  – $5,047 (August 2017)


Some of the bloggers in this list have five figure and six figure incomes. Sometimes these numbers can seem really out of reach and overwhelming if you are just starting out. This is why Alexis from Fitnancials is so inspiring. I remember running into her blog back in 2014 as I had been a regular reader to her older sister’s blog before that.

Main source of income: Sponsored posts, affiliate income, virtual assistant and ad revenue

Michelle from MakingSenseofCents.com is Alexis’s sister so it’s great to see her following in her footsteps. Because of her success Alexis was able to leave her job and she now travels and blogs full time at the age of 24!



3. Helene in Between – $12,000 (October 2015)


Being able to travel to different countries is something I can see in my future. Helene from HeleneinBetween.com does just that. If you want to grow your Instagram following and get people to engage with your content you can get some valuable advice on her blog.

Main source of income: e-course/webinar sales and sponsored posts

Helene and her husband moved to Germany with their two dogs and she is able to work remotely while traveling around Europe. How cool is that!



4. Create and Go  – $25,904.67 (July 2017)


A couple that I really look up to is Alex and Lauren from Create and Go. They made $103,457.98 in their first year with a health and fitness blog. At the present moment they are projecting to make over $200,000 for this year alone with their blog.

Main source of income:  Selling their own digital products and services and product sales.

Alex was a physical trainer and Lauren was a CPA before they both took the leap, quit their jobs  to blog full time. This fearless couple quit their jobs before their blog was barely making any money!



5. Start a Mom Blog  – $39,888 (August 2017)


Even though I am not a mother yet, I am a strong believer that being a mom does not mean that you have to put your dreams on hold. Suzi from Start a Mom Blog she made $53,000 in her first year of blogging!

Her husband John really supports her through her blogging journey, especially now that she is expecting her third little one! Congratulations to Suzi (if she ever reads this)

Source of income: Information products, e-courses, Ebooks and affiliate sales

Suzi used to work in Industrial engineering and started StartaMomBlog.com as a stay at home mom while she was still pregnant with her second daughter in order to help out with the family’s household income.



6. Sarah Titus – $75,226.10 (July 2017)


If you ever want to just give up and you think that you will not be able to achieve the things that you want for your life, stop it. Hold it right there. Sarah Titus is a woman you need to get acquainted with. She is such an inspiration.

If there is one person who’s e-mails & newsletters I open and actually read, it’s Sarah’s. I always look forward to the value she delivers to her readers. If you are a single mom or you think making money online is next to impossible, think again. Sarah is living proof that with God it is possible to set goals and achieve them.

Source of income: Her own online store and affiliate marketing

Sarah went from being almost homeless (her husband abandoned her and her kids) so she had to think fast on how to take care of herself and her kids. Starting a blog has helped her provide for her family in a major way.



7. Melyssa Griffin   – $283,680 (December 2016)


Melyssa Griffin is amazing in what she has accomplished by turning her blog into a thriving business. She went from working a soul-sucking job as a teacher overseas to running her own empire as a blogger and business woman. As a woman I really admire her ability to turn her blog into a business woman. I really also like how transparent she is with her

Main source of income: Her own e-courses and affiliate sales

At the time of this six figure income report, Melyssa had just re-launched one of her courses. Her previous income reports are equally as impressive and in the six figure range.



8. Making Sense of Cents – $135,110 (August 2017)


Michelle from Makingsenseofcents.com is a force to be reckoned with. Her blog is one that I have been reading and following for a long time (long before I even thought of starting my own blog). She and Alexis from Fitnancials are sisters.  If you are looking for a motivational and inspiring blogger who posts regular blog income reports, Michelle is your girl.

Main source of income: Online course sales, affiliate income, sponsorship and advertisements.

Michelle left her day job in the financial services industry to blog full time and run her business while traveling around the country in an RV with her husband. How



9. The Busy Budgeter  – $86,000 (March 2017)


Rosemarie runs The Busy Budgeter and it’s a personal finance blog that I have been following for some time now. I really like the transparency of her income reports. The Busy Budgeter goes into detail about her income earning strategy and specifically what worked and what didn’t in terms of making money for that month (not many bloggers do this).

Sources of income: Products sales, affiliate sales, ad networks and sponsored posts

If you can, take a look at Rosemarie’s blog as there are some very helpful and free tips to help you increase your chances of making money with your blog.



10. So Over This – $84,000 (July 2017)


Personal finance blogs are still very popular (people want to know how to make money and get out of debt!). So Over This is run by Justin and he makes a very good income from his blog. If you are someone who does not want to quit your job, it’s important to know that you can still make a healthy side-income in addition to your day job!

After all, you want to have the option to work, not the need to work like many people who rely on one job.

Main source of income: Advertising sales

The owner of So Over This still works a day job in corporate finance (even though he makes around $1 million annually from his blog). Why? He loves his day job and the people he works with!



11. Just a Girl and Her Blog – $41,700 (December 2016)


Power to the mamas who can raise kids, run a household and build successful businesses. Abby from JustAGirlAndHerBlog.com is one of those enterprising moms. Her blog started as a creative outlet.

Sources of income: Product sales and affiliate marketing

At the present time, Abby runs her blog as a business with her husband. Her family was able to move into their dream home thanks to a thriving blog that started as a hobby just a few years ago!



12. Eofire –  $237,193 (August 2017)


If the traditional blog isn’t really your thing, you can also make really good money with your very own podcast. Just ask John Lee Dumas and Kate Erickson over at Fire Nation. At Fire Nation you can listen to many podcasts with interviews from many successful entrepreneurs.

In the month of August 2017 Fire Nation’s income from podcasting was $237,193 with a total net profit of $169,531. Not bad at all for two people who quit their day jobs to follow their dreams.

Main source of income: Product sales, advertising, podcast sponsorship & affiliate sales

Jon and Kate also help entrepreneurs put in systems in their businesses so that they can free up time and grow their businesses so make sure to check them out if this is something you are interested in!


13. Smart Passive Income – $140,866.38 (August 2017)


Patt Flynn is a legend! He is one of the very first people I ever came across years ago when I was trying to see if making money online was possible. Smart Passive Income is a super successful Podcast and blog that I regularly listen to.

If you want to master the art of passive income through multiple sources, I highly recommend taking a look at Patt Flynn’s blog.

Main source of income: Course sales, Affiliate marketing, book sales, consulting and public speaking, podcast sponsorships, software and apps.

Patt Flynn was laid off from his architect job during the 2008 economic crisis. He took that as his chance to redesign his life (no pun intended ) and has never looked back.- When one door closes, just open another one!


More blog income reports


14. The Endless Meal  – $5,271.07 in July 2017

Kristen is a former nurse turned recipe blogger and chef who makes a full time living from her blog. Most of her money is made from display ads. If you want to start a food blog, take a look at her blog for more inspiration!


15. Show Me The Yummy – $46,367.19  in December 2016

Trevor and Jennifer quit their corporate jobs a few years back in order to run their food recipe blog. It’s great to see people making a very good income while also living life on their own terms. The blog’s main sources of income come from display ads, sponsored content, freelancing and digital workshops.


16. Believe in a Budget –  $22,006.28 in May 2017

Kristin from Believe in a budget makes most of her income from affiliate sales and by selling her own products (courses). It was just years ago she posted her very first income report of $60 so that goes to show you that making money blogging is so very possible.


17. Designer Trapped – $195,515.20 for the year 2016

Tasha from Designer Trapped is a former lawyer turned full time blogger. Most of her income comes from display ads, affiliate sales, course sales and product sales. She started her blog while her husband was working shift work as a fire fighter. Tasha was still working as a lawyer in a high stress sector (malpractice defense) and she was raising two very young twin daughters to top it off! Tasha is a great example that it is possible for the career ladies out there (who are also mamas) that you can make this blogging thing work.


 Are you ready to start your own blog now?

As you can see from the blog income reports mentioned above, starting a blog is a real way to earn some real money and it can change your life for the better!

If you want to take the steps needed to start blogging and make money with your blog, you can get the short step by step on how you can setup your own blog and be ready to start (in 10 minutes or less).

In order to succeed you need stop waiting and doubting yourself (there’s no way around this). Take the first steps you need to get the life you really want.


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